Saturday, 5 April 2014

Naked nails and a new treatment regime

About a month ago I succumbed to nail blogger peer pressure and purchased the nail care products that are currently all the rage: OPI's Nail Envy nail strengthener and Bliss Kiss cuticle oil.

I was skeptical because my nails have always been really horrible, weak, peely, bendy, and usually in pain when I would accidentally stub them against furniture, the kitchen cabinet, the car door, you name it. I have never in my life had "long nails" or even nails that could open a pop can. I'd always use a spoon or tip of a fork to push back the pop can tab because if I'd used my nails they would have bent inwards and I would have yelled #@*!

Let's go on a little history lesson. These are my poor nubbins just over four years ago:

Unfortunately I don't have a naked nail pic from ancient history because I was never caught dead without nail polish. But in this pic the polish was chipping a bit so you can get an idea of just how thin my nails were.

Until about a couple months I didn't take my nail care seriously, only my polish addiction. I finally started applying a "real" base coat (Witchcraft nail hardener) as opposed to one of those generic Sally Hansen base coats that holds the polish on longer, and began filing my nails more regularly to prevent future breaks. I also started using some generic cuticle oil I found at walmart for a few dollars. This combination of nail care definitely helped a bit with length and durability, but I was still not happy with the overall health and quality of my nails, especially after seeing all the amazing naked nails of today's nail bloggers (check out Work Play Polish and Tartofraises' natural nails... this is where I begin to die of jealousy). Instagram has many hash tagging #nakednails these days too.

So in the spirit of getting naked, here's my pre- and post-new nail care regimen photos which consisted of:
- Applying Bliss Kiss cuticle oil to my cuticles 4 - 10x daily for three weeks (I bought one of the nail oil pens for use at work - they're basically perfect and I'm so addicted I look like a crazy person in a cubicle dabbing my cuticles with oil... freak)
- Applying Bliss Kiss cuticle oil to my natural nails in between every polish change
- Applying OPI's nail envy before every mani
- Leaving only OPI's nail envy and Bliss Kiss oil on my nails sans polish overnight, twice, at some point during the three week period

And here are the results:

Wowwww my jaw is still dropping. I basically already thought my nails were freakin' awesome relative to the way they've always been for years. Seeing my nails transform as much as they did in just three weeks was like discovering hot chocolate for the first time (this only makes sense if you're addicted to that too).

My cuticles are clearly in much better health, but that I was basically expecting after all the rave review about Bliss Kiss. What suprised me most was that the actual white tips of my nails have become more pronounced with less transparent sections, and overall way thicker! I am basically doing a happy dance all the time which consists of me tapping my fingernails on the glass kitchen table while my boyfriend asks me to please shut the hell up.

For more glorious proof of my new awesome naked nails thanks to Bliss Kiss and OPI's nail envy:

Omg can't deal, go buy this stuff now!

My new best friends.
Bliss Kiss loves me and I love it right back.


  1. whoa, gorgeous nails! where do you buy bliss kiss? btw, I just stumbled on you blog and I'm slightly obsessed XD I've got like 6 different posts in different tabs on my browser pinned as stuff I want to try out when my nails get long enough (had to cut them recently cuz I broke one of my middles, and the rest looked off)

    1. Hi Lina! Thanks so much for your comments, you are the second person to ever comment on this blog so you know I'm REALLY HAPPY right now. To answer your question, I bought Bliss Kiss online (the only place you can get it) from here: She ships internationally and on instagram she goes by @simplenailarttips and has tons more before and after results (she featured mine, too!). I totally get the short nails being all discouraging, and I was SO happy when my nails started to actually grow and stay long - I still look down at my nails and find it hard to believe they are mine!! If you don't use OPI's nail envy, you should try that too along with the Bliss Kiss! (Nail envy is in stores such as Sally's beauty supply chain store). Good luck and if you have instagram follow me @simplynailogical and let me know so I can see your results eventually! I do most of my networking on IG :D Thanks again doll for your kind comments!!

    2. Oooh thanks! Yeah, I tried finding it on Amazon, but the Canadian site doesn't have it, and the US site won't ship to me >.< (grrr) Have you tried the CND Solar Oil? I did some research and found about the same amount of rave reviews on both, so I'm debating on which to get. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll most likely end up getting both just for the heck of it. And yes, I use Nail Envy, but it's one of those products that I have to use off and on otherwise it loses its effectiveness. I hope I get the same great results as you after my 3 weeks! Canadian winter has done a number on my skin, especially my hands.

    3. Hi again Lina - I have never used CND Solar Oil, but I'm thinking about getting a back-up cuticle oil for when I feel like slathering my whole hand in it overnight with gloves on so I don't waste too much of my precious Bliss Kiss (what a freak wearing gloves while I sleep). I may just grab Solar oil for that since it's easier to find (, thanks... now I'm getting tips from you!! I agree about Nail envy too, I have stopped using it under every mani and instead only use it when I know I'm going to wear a mani for at least a few days, and when I'm switching mani's quickly (e.g., on my days off on the weekend) then I use just a normal base coat. I do notice my nails get more bendy during those times but I think that's the key to keeping Nail envy's formula effective, just like you say, don't want to get too immune to its powers! Good luck with everything :)

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  3. I stumbled upon your blog and I just had to order a starter kit for myself!! My poor nubs have been so brittle lately and I think reading your post (and Ana's!) has really helped me to figure out the best way to make my nails grow as pretty as yours!!

    Not to mention you're amazing at nail art!! Will definitely be back for more!! =D

  4. WOW! I'm not one for nail polish and glitz and glam since I am a 'farmer's" wife but the pictures of your naked nails makes me realize your hands don't have to look manish just because you work with them.

    If I had naked nails like yours I'm sure my husband would take notice for sure! I might have to try this routine.

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