Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bliss Kiss nail oil review: A follow-up

Four months ago I posted some preliminary nail health progress pics after using OPI's Nail Envy nail strengthening base coat in combination with Bliss Kiss pure nail/cuticle oil for a three week period. Today I have an update featuring a comprehensive review of Bliss Kiss nail oil, which I have continued to use on a daily basis for the last four months.

Yes, my nails are yellow. Let me explain why this isn't a bad thing...

First of all, yes, my nails are stained yellow. This is not the fault of any nail care product, but rather the consequence of being a nail polish addict and being a sucker for dark polishes. While yellow nails can be a sign of poor nail or general health, I am fairly certain that this is not the case for me as they only became so yellow after I really got into nail polish and I don't smoke, do not have any serious diseases, and so on. I always wear a base coat and remove polish in a manner that helps reduce staining, but for someone who changes their nail polish up to five times a day during a mani-marathon weekend, stained nails is simply inevitable. I have tried some nail whitening methods including soaking them in lemon water, scrubbing them with whitening toothpaste, and using Bubble White soak, but they either did nothing at all to reduce the yellow stain or they actually damaged my nails. Bubble White in particular left me with peels all over my nail plate - I do not recommend this product and I will never try it again.

So if you just ignore the yellow tinge of my nails and refocus your attention on the strong and thick appearance of my nail beds and nail tips you will a major change that I credit to Bliss Kiss nail oil. I no longer have hang nails, dry or flaky skin, and my cuticle area actually appears to have shrunk, tightened, and now appears less wrinkly.

Here's a more broken down look at my nail recovery journey:

Week 1: What my nails looked like before trying any 'serious' nail care products. At the time this was the longest my nails ever looked in my life; for the longest time they couldn't grow past my finger tip without breaking. They were extremely brittle, had ridges and indents, transparent patches in the nail tips, and evidently my cuticles were flaky with exposed sores.

Week 4: My nails three weeks after using Bliss Kiss nail oil three to eight times daily in combination with OPI's Nail Envy strengthener as a base coat under every mani. The indents in my nail plate had disappeared, and the tips and the whole nail were visibly thicker and stronger. From this point on I didn't have any breaks or tears that weren't warranted (i.e., if I slammed my nails into something then they probably did break, I'm still human). The sores along my cuticle/surrounding skin had healed up.

Week 8: My nails after another four weeks of using only Bliss Kiss nail oil - I'd stopped the use of Nail Envy at the end of week 4 (with a few exceptions*, see below). My nails grew (and remained) longer without breaking, the white tips grew a tad thicker, and my cuticles/the skin around the nail began to tighten up.

Week 16 (today): My nails after an additional two months of using only Bliss Kiss nail oil. Yes, they're much yellower - we've covered that (I paint my nails alot). My nails are now the strongest and most resilient they've ever been, my cuticles are the smallest I've ever seen them, and the surrounding skin is very tight to the point where some wrinkles have been reduced/disappeared. I also have no more white spots/ridges/lines on my nail plate.

Note: No, it did not take four months for my nails to grow to this length. Nails grow much faster than that. I had simply been filing them down at various times between photos to keep them even, and any longer than they are now would be impractical for me. Also note that the last photo was taken under indoor lightning as opposed to with natural light like the other three shots, so the hue of the photo itself is actually yellower in comparison (notice my skin colour).

Bliss Kiss nail oil - the bottle and the pen are available together in a starter kit

What do I mean by nail reslience? When you go to fold the laundry, pick up your purse, or type ravenously on your keyboard at work, you may have accidentally broken a nail. My nails are now not only strong but also flexible, and so when I do menial tasks like this my nails can actually withstand bending a bit without breaking. This is precisely what nail/cuticle oil does: restores oil into the nail to maintain flexibility thereby preventing breaking and splitting.

*But how come so many nail bloggers and everyday women say they use a nail strengthener on a daily basis? Because they haven't done their homework. When I read on My Bliss Kiss' very informative website that nail strengtheners can actually encourage breaking/splitting I was initially skeptical because I had seen such amazing results with the transformation of my nail strength using OPI's Nail Envy nail strengthener between week 1 and week 4. Sure, my results were confounded with the simultaneous use of Bliss Kiss nail oil, but I wondered how it was possible that so many nail bloggers always said they used a nail strengthener as a base under evey manicure. I got greedy with nail health boosting products and I wanted to see if I could get even better, stronger, and quicker-growing nails then I already had. And then I faced the consequences - two of my newly grown out corners cracked and chipped right off for no obvious reason. On the same day I'd put on that strengthener. 

A couple weeks later (still within the 4-8 week phase), I thought to myself "how is it possible that people use Nail Envy every day and don't have breaks?? My last couple breaks must have been a fluke". And so the devil on my shoulder told me to try out Nail Envy again. I did - and broke another corner. "Okay fine," I muttered, "I believe you now, Ana" (the brains behind Bliss Kiss). And so I haven't used any nail strengthening base coats since and have had no breaks that weren't explained by  sheer clumsy stupidity.

Contrary to what some nail bloggers advise, I do NOT recommend wearing a nail strengthener as a base coat for every mani in perpetuity. In fact this will likely cause your nails to break from being so hard. Choosing a nail strengthener and knowing when your nails actually need it and for how long should be based on your individual nail state situation. Check out this article which offers a very educated and informed discussion about whether a nail strengthener is right for you.

Bliss Kiss products - note that the glass bottle was from an old order of mine and is now discontinued
Bliss Kiss products - note that the glass bottle was from an old order of mine and is now discontinued

So, what am I doing for nail care today? Today I use nail care products that I truly feel do it all (strengthen, soften cuticles and surrounding skin, reduce hangnails) - Bliss Kiss nail oil - between 3 and 8 times a day depending on where I am. I also use a slew of hand creams and a couple cuticle creams overnight, and recently I've acquired and am liking the water resistant properties of Bliss Kiss' Simply Sealed lotion stick (find out more on my overall nail care regimen here).

I use a glass file to file my nails - read more on that and other nail care here

The four senses - Product summary of Bliss Kiss nail oil and Simply Sealed lotion stick:
  • Look: Bliss kiss nail oil leaves an oily residue behind on the fingers (evidently), but if you rub it into your cuticles well it begins to absorb. The Simply Sealed lotion stick appears like a solid (like lip balm), but goes on smooth leaving behind a somewhat shiny film on your skin.
  • Smell: I opted for the "crisp" scented products (there is also unscented) and I really like the smell - kind of citrus-infused but also has a 'fresh' scent to it. This is great for the nail oil but I also ordered the Sealed stick in crisp scent and I find it just a tad overwhelming since you're rubbing your entire hands in it. Next time I'll probably opt for the unscented stick but take the scented nail oil pens/dropper bottle.
  • Touch: The nail oil is extremely moisturing, your nails and cuticles will feel instantly replenished upon application. It is oily but remains silky to the touch and absorbs quite easily. The Sealed stick is much like the oil in that it goes on oily but then absorbs nicely, though the stick leaves behind a water-resistant film that you will continue to feel on your hands even hours after application. It does create finger marks on your smart phone, but then again any oil-based product would.
  • Taste: I don't recommend this because you should be saving your Bliss Kiss like gold and shouldn't waste it as a dinner garnish. However, Bliss Kiss nail oil is good enough to eat because it is made with all natural ingredients, so go to town is you wish!
Do I recommend Bliss Kiss to you? Hands down, yes. I was not paid to say this, and in fact all of the nail oil I've used I purchased myself and was not provided for review. That's how you know that I really am being honest! After four months I can safely say that I attribute the current healthy state of my nails and cuticles to Bliss Kiss. I highly recommend this product and suggest that you try it in place of nail strengtheners and then re-assess the strength of your nails. If you're hesitant, you can opt for the starter kit, and check out some other customer testimonials on Pinterest or on Ana's Instagram page.

Wishing you strong and resilient nails, the perfect canvas!


  1. Such wonderful review Christine! I desperate to get my hands on these babies! :)

  2. Great review! I love how you did photos of the various stages.
    Welcome to the Bliss Kiss family! ;-)

  3. I love your review and I had the same experience with Kiss Bliss. My nails kept breaking, and would break down to the quick because the nail could not bend. Now my nails very rarely break, and I know it is because of Ana's amazing product. Love your blog!!

  4. You know if the send this stuffs to Europe? Specially Amsterdam

    1. I'm based in UK and I ordered some and it arrived perfectly fine :)