Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tasty chocolate Easter nails

These nails are speggtacular! I had such a craving for chocolate that I decided to eat them all and then take the aftermath of carnage and put the wrapping foils on my nails! Nom nom nom

Hope everyone has a great Easter! And if you don't celebrate, hopefully you celebrate eating chocolate? Chocolate is my favourite holiday cause it takes place all year round.



For products used to create this, please see the description box of my YouTube video


  1. Christine, I would really appreciate if you could make a guide to using nail vinyls video/blog post. I never know which part to pick up and how to be sure they are sticking. Thus would be very helpful. You deserve so much more subricbers than you have. I am a preteen and I dont mind your cursing because I hear worse at school so when people are like stop cursing and I see your sarcastic responses they make my day. Can't see the haters blinded by the holo!!!!💁😺😹
    Your biggest holosexual fan who just received her simply peel in the mail and is freaking out and peeling it off like no big deal

    1. It auto corrected Cristine I know it spelledbit wring sorry

  2. Love your nail videos. And love love love your attitude so refreshing. Don't stop being yourself that's why we subscribe. I would love to know how long your keep these special nail art on. How long those your regular many last.??


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