Monday 24 February 2014

Work appropriate mani Monday: Neutral ombre with a sprinkle of pixie dust

Last Monday I promised I'd make a weekly thing out of work appropriate manis. Here is me following through on that promise (so far, don't get too excited)!

This mani is a bit of a cheat, as it's the same mani as last week but a little more interesting. Let's call it appropriate for your SECOND week on a new office job, where people have gotten to at least witness the crazy in you if only a little bit.

Layering on top of last week's neutral taupe-hued ombre, here's that same mani with sand-coloured pixie dust (by none other than Zoya) overlayed by sponging over some interlocked striping tape. Finally, all was topped with a mattifying top coat.

The polish colouring in the images does look a bit different than last weeks' because the photos below were taken outdoors (no direct sunlight) as opposed to under my bathroom lighting.

Polishes used:
- Zoya pixie dust 'Godiva' (the best sand colour to grace the free world)
- Revlon 'Smoky canvas' (light greyish taupe)
- Essie 'Glamour purse' (medium taupe)
- Essie 'Devil's advocate' (dark brown/purple)

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