Tuesday 17 June 2014

Burger shop themed nails

So there's this cool new(ish) burger place in Ottawa (Canada) that has some pretty awesome decor. Strange, I know. About a month ago I painted these nails after I was inspired by the colour scheme and the wood detail present inside of Burgers n' Fries Forever ("BFF"). Here's my nailspiration - a couple pics off their website so you get a feel for their style:

Images credit: BFF
And here's my mani:

It's evident that this was done a while ago given that my nails are so much longer now... hee hee (I'm grinning right now). The wood detailing was done freehand with a brown polish as a base and then I lightly dry brushed mixed acrylic paints overtop with a fan brush to give it a wood grain effect. The ring finger image that looks like a drunk alligator is actually supposed to be the outline of BFF's burger and fries logo as you see above in the nailspiration pic. I blame my shitty cut down craft store brushes at the time. The middle finger is directly inspired by their main circular logo. I used a hole reinforcement sticker to guide the circle shape. Easy as pie! Speaking of pie... you know what's better than pie? Ice cream sandwiches. BFF is where I got this delicious number the other day... drool.

Polishes used:
- Finger Paints 'Kitchy tangerine' (orange creme)
- Finger Paints 'Master muse' (orange-yellow creme striper)
- OPI 'A-piers to be tan' (terracotta brown creme)
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (white creme)
- Acrylic paints

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