Friday, 12 June 2015

Black and gold holo glitter pattern

Back to black and holooooooooo cause it's been FAR TOO LONG. This round of June's weekly nail art challenge (WNAC) manis I co-host the WNAC on Instagram along with lovely ladies Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of MissBellaTracey is holo pattern week, and I had nothing to do with it. *evil grin*

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!


Products featured in video:
I sketched this design out on paper first, and I'm not sure what you'd call it... rotating stripe quadrants? Parallel striped paradox? Idk, but I think it turned out pretty cool and I'd love to try it again, but next time with holo glitter rainbows YAAAASSSS.

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!

Skinny stripe nail vinyls from Twinkled T - use my code SIMPLY for 10% off!

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!

Simply Peel latex barrier for easy post-glitter sponging clean up!

FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' gold holo glitter!

Polishes + peel used:
  • FUN Lacquer 'Million dollar dream' (gold holo glitter polish)
  • Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)
  • Simply Peel liquid latex barrier

*Nail vinyls were provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review. Simply Peel was provided by Nail Care HQ for my impartial review. FUN Lacquer polish was provided by FUN Lacquer for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. I love this! And you're not annoying. :) I always look forward to getting a notice that I've got a new video to watch from SN. It's always fun to watch (and listen to)!

  2. This is awesome! I always love your videos.


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