Tuesday 3 June 2014

Magenta and gold quatrefoil: Second attempt

A couple of weeks ago I attempted my first 'quatrefoil' patterened nails. Originally conceptualized in video tutorial form by Christabell Nails, I was shaking my head at my stubborn little quatrefoils which looked more like blobfoils to me.

I expressed some of my disappointment in my execution and the lovely Margaret of @m_a_tom on Instagram direct messaged me with a personalized tip! I mean, how sweet is that?! I got what she meant right away and 'quatrefoil nails attempt #2' went straight on my mani's-to-do whiteboard.

Here's the outcome, keeping her tip to focus on the spaces between the dots in mind!

Three nails (thumb, middle, and ring finger) have dark magenta polish as a base, gold duochrome as the quatrefoil backdrop, and magenta dots inside the quatrefoil. The pointer and pinky fingers are the exact opposite, just for fun. Much like my last post, my camera isn't quite co-operating with me so I was forced to edit the colouring after the fact, which still isn't really doing these colours justice.

Later on when I went to the cupboard for a healthy snack and realized that my nails looked exactly like the box of Peek Frean's family digestive cookies. What do you mean, these cookies aren't healthy?!

Polishes used:
- Nails Inc. 'Stratford' (gold to pink duochrome)
- Nails Inc. 'St martin's lane' (dark magenta creme)


  1. Brilliant. Love these heaps xx

    1. Thanks so much Margaret! Couldn't have done it without your wise tip :)