Thursday 2 April 2015

Pretty pink leopard nailz OMG totes my style

Pretty pink leopard nails oh em geeee I LURRRVEE THEM. Actually no I despise pretty pink girly leopard print with bows n' shit cause GAHH I WANNA SCRATCH THEM OFF PPL'S NAILS WITH A KNIFE WHEN I SEE THEM (cause obv wouldn't wanna break my own nails). Nah, I don't hate them on other people that bad, but they're def not my style. So this is my April fool's mani (a day late whatever) cause, IT'S SO NOT LIKE ME AND I DON'T ACTUALLY LURRRVEE THEM OR WHATEVER.


(see also 15sec versions on Instagram here and here)

Better watch it - there's a surprise mini-tutorial-in-a-tutorial about finding the best white nail polish!

I got most of the coloured polishes from Live Love Polish, my fav go-to destination for holos-a-plenty, but they also have a bunch of cremes (neons and pastels!) that I think I'll crack out this spring/summer season, whatd'ya think?

In the video I have a surprise mini tip on making your own white super opaque polish. And no, it doesn't involve any chemistry, PHEWWW.

Not that there isn't any value in jelly/milky white polishes, but I dunno about you, for every one time I might actually want a milky white, there's 100 times I want a super opaque white. Wtf do you do with a milky translucent white polish when you're trying to make a bright white opaque base for nail arting?! MILKY WHITE POLISH IS ANNOYING AF I'M TELLING YOU. So a quick workaround is to just use a 'french tip' polish as I explain in the video ;)

Some of my white polishes.... :\
And here's my half-franken but not really cause I didn't actually mess with the polish that much teehee! It's Color Club 'French Tip' but with a switched out brush cause the french tips brushes are too thin! As you see in the video, it's basically a one-coater! Just add a little nail polish thinner to dilute the formula since the french tip formulas can get a bit thick.

Love this neon pink even though I hate pink!!! She's Models Own 'Sun Hat' from Live Love Polish!

I'm holding Floss Gloss 'Lean'! What a gorgeous vibrant purple, hmm?

YASSS glitter! This is one of Twinkled T's loose glitter drops bottles!

This pretty pastel pink is Color Club's 'Feathered Hair Out to There'!

I'm holding a fan brush, part of the Models Own nail art brush kit I got from Live Love Polish.

Do you get my sense of humour now?! PRETTY PINKAH LEOPARDAH NAILSSAA YAAASSS

 Products used (polishes can be found at Live Love Polish):
- Black acrylic paint from local craft store
- Models Own 'Sun hat' (neon pink)
- Color Club 'Feathered hair out to there' (pastel neon pink)
- Color Club 'French tip' (modified white creme, hehe)
- Floss Gloss 'Lean' (neon purple)
- Twinkled T glitter drops

*Polishes were provided by Live Love Polish or Color Club for my impartial review. Nail art brush set was provided by Live Love Polish for my impartial review. Loose glitters were provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review.


  1. Thanks for sharing that tip! Definitely going to have to try that out.

  2. Very suitable for the upcoming 2048 game launch event