Wednesday 14 January 2015

Holo-days holo glitters trio from Painted Polish

It's holo glitter time again YAAASSSSS. With none other than Painted Polish, who will be doing a restock of her magical holo glitter creations this Friday at 11AM PST / 2PM EST!!! Get your pocket books out again ladies, it's that time in mid-January when you're like crap I should have bought myself a Christmas present.... on that note, let's just pretend it's still Christmas cause these were from the Holo-days Collection! Yay me, for being slow!

Here's some bottle shots of the Holo-days collection trio (red, green, and champagne holo glitters) but there's some flakies in there too cause I hadn't decided how to divide up my swatchaton yet. The flakies will also be restocked this Friday along with some NEW MAGICAL RELEASES I haven't had a chance to swatch yet but check out some macro polish brush porno here.

Glitter porn!!!

Swatch conditions:

First up, Painted Pines! A dark emerald green jelly filled with silver holo glitters, this is like the sparkliest pine tree ever. It's quite the unique colour, great for anytime of year really, and that green jelly is just so squishy that you could make a jelly glitter sandwich out of it if you felt so inclined!

Click to enlarge!

Next up, the one for classy ladies who get trashy by the end of the night without shame, Blinded by Bubbly! This one is a magical mixture of silver and gold holo glitters, or maybe it's just pure champagne coloured holo glitters, I'm not even sure I'm so blinded by all the sparkly. Either way it's suspended in a clear jelly base, all the better for maximizing that glittahhhhhhh

LEave me alone, I couldn't figure out how to pose with my nubs :((((((

And last but no least, it's the one of a kind red stunner stunner hubba hubba say helllllooo there to Ho-Ho-Holo! A true lipstick red jelly with silver holo glitters, and I'm pretty sure there's some blue-ish leaning holo glitters in there!! When it hits the light just right it had me all like WHOA what are you hiding under that skirt now gimme somee??? Imma wear you like Valentine's day all year.

Macro nail porn:

I used Cult Nails' 'Tempest' white creme for the base of the accent nail along with Quo by Orly Instant Artists striper polish in black. The initial plaid lines were guided with the help of straight nail vinyls.

Straight nail vinyls

And that sums up this sumtuous trio! Don't forget that Painted Polish will not only be re-stocking this collection, but most if not ALL OF THE HOLO GLITTERS [insert meme here] at 11AM PST / 2PM EST this Friday, January 16th. You can check out more swatches of Painted Polish's by me here, here, here, and here. They go fast so get 'em before the cart-jacking begins!!

*Polishes were provided by Painted Polish for my impartial review.


  1. All of these polishes are beautiful and I can't get over your gorgeous photos!

  2. Do you own Painted polish?