Saturday 8 November 2014

It's holo glitter time with Painted Polish again

Cause you all know how much I love my holo glitter!! (Exhibit A and Exhibit B for Painted Polish, see also Exhibit C.) Lexi of Painted Polish sent me these glittery babies and although most of them are core stock and not collectively a 'collection', any excuse to do up some holo glitter swatches with a twist is good enough for me. Cause after all, I do suffer from HGDD (Holo Glitter Dissociation Disorder) and so when I see the shiny things in life it's pretty much impossible to bring me down to earth/reality. People keep trying though.


That's right, six holo glitters from Painted Polish! Well technically five, cause the one is a coloured-glitter that turns glow in the dark (didn't figure this one out until I went to bed and thought an alien had invaded my nail polish collection and chosen its host body).

Here's the six polishes I've swatched down below in this post:

And here's some very frustrating attempts at building a Painted Polish pyramid. I knocked it over twice and both times my boyfriend yelled WHAT THE FACK ARE YOU DOING IN THERE and I was all like CALM DOWN I'M WORKING.

This Painted Polish pyramid consists of a party with the holo-ween collection and some core holos from the holo intoxicator line

All the Painted Polish holo glitters come out to play! 

See that holo-ey backdrop? I'm getting fancy with holo/glitter paper I picked up at Michaels. I was inspired by @glitterhypnosis on Instagram, all of her photos have this AWESOME holo backdrop and I was like I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Okay, onto the actual content for this blog post...

Swatch conditions:

First up, Holo Hangover! Cause what happens when you get Drunk on Holo? You get a holo hangover, duh. This gold glitterati is ridiculously rich in a clear jelly base and Goldmember can go get eaten by sharks in Dr. Evil's lair for all I care cause if you want anything gold, it should be THIS, and it should be on YOUR NAILS. Accent nail also features Drunk on Holo and Resting Witch Face.

Click to enlarge!

Let's get Lush on Lime! Unlike Holo Hangover this druken gem is in a goo-green jelly base, and all I can think of is that green slime Nickelodeon game shows used to toss all over kids' heads in the 1990's, except on crack due to holo glitter injection. If I had to pick a slime to ruin my hair it'd definitely be this cause at least I'd sparkle. Accent nail features Black Widow, Baby and Trashed on Teal (this post, below).

Trashed on Teal and ooooh do I ever love this one. Holo glitters suspended in a deep teal jelly, it's like the sparkling tropical oceans at night that I imagine are actually a part of the tropics. I don't get out much, okay? Let me dream. Teal paired with Resting With Face and Radiantly Wrecked (this post, below) on the accent nail.

Radiantly Wrecked is like what I wished existed when I was 6 so I could have painted my Barbie Dream House with it. A purple-learning pink holo glitter in a clear jelly and wow it just makes me remember my childhood when I went through a glitter/pink obsession phase. Radiantly Wrecked is partying with Drunk on Holo and Holo Wasted on my accent nail.

Next up, the alien-invaded polish that is Aurora (GITD) - which stands for glow-in-the-dark. Seems obvious now, but for days after receiving this pack of polishes I was scratching my head thinking 'what a stupid name.... GITD uh more like WTF?'. It wasn't until I turned off the lights that I realized that I was actually the dummy. In any case, LOOK AT THAT GLOWY GOODNESS! Unfortunately its accent buddies Radiantly Wrecked and Holo Hangover missed the GITD memo, so they look all partied out in the dark shots.

Lastly, a polish that NO ONE CAN BUY AGAIN, EVER! MUHAHA okay, I'm a terrible person. This is Here's to a Year, Painted Polish's limited edition 1 year anniversary polish and it's just GAWWJUSS. It's quite different that the other holos, as it consists of baby blue and a variety of multi-coloured tiny holo glitters in a shimmery baby blue base. Quite unique indeed. And it's MINE! So sorry to tease you and then leave you. But your hearts desires may be satisfied with its accent friends, Drunk on Holo and Buzzed on Blue - together they make for a true gradient in the colour-sense.

...And that concludes the random swatch porn of Painted Polish's magical creations. Currently some of these are in stock, while others will be restocked soon, so be sure to check back on the Painted Polish website and follow @paintedpolishbylexi on Instagram for updates!

Holo glitter accent nail porn!

How the heck did I do this? See for yourself:


The purple liquid I apply to the skin around is my nail is Liquid Palisade from Kiesque and it is truly a revolutionary product! I've used OPI's Glitter Off (which is some derivative of PVA glue) before to make for easy gradient over-spill clean up, but I find it always comes off in pieces and I'm left picking them out of my cuticles or using my angled eyeliner brush with acetone anyways to clean up the overspill. Liquid Palisade comes off in one clean swoop, and it dries much faster than any glue mixure so you can get started on your gradient much sooner. For the avid gradienter, this is a product for you! It is particularily valuable when doing true glitter gradients like these ones - those pesky little holo glitters ain't getting past this resilient liquid-to-solid barrier!

Here's my original tutorial on how to maximize glitter payoff, which I used for all the basic swatch nails:

Hope you enjoyed my holo glitter porn! Oh, and there will be more.

*Disclosure: Polishes were provided to me by Painted Polish for my impartial review, as was Liquid Palisade from Kiesque. 


  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm! It makes your post so fun to read :) Your swatches look amazing, Aurora and Here's to a Year are stunning!

  2. If you ever want to sell or swap here's to a year please let me know I'm so desperate to find this.

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