Wednesday 24 June 2015

Find me the perfect white nail polish, damnnit!

You've asked yourself this question too many times before... WHY CAN'T I FIND THE PERFECT WHITE NAIL POLISH??? Cause no one should be deprived of that perfect fresh white canvas ready for nail art and epic gradienting.

Now, I didn't test every single white nail polish in the world, cause, well, I'd be dead by the time I finished. I know there's a few other 'popular' or highly coveted white nail polishes out there that I just didn't have time to source out and include (that and I'm lazy).

BUT I do think this video reveals a white nail polish trick we never thought much about before!!


The winner is Color Club's 'French tip', and the name says it all: It's a french tip nail polish and thus the consistency is a lot thicker and designer to be opaque in one coat for easy french tip manicures! Major DUH moment for me right here.

I do notice that after using it many times (you've seen how many times I reach for it as my base polish if you watch any of my YouTube tutorials...), it gets thicker and trickier to work with. When this happens, I just add a couple of drops of nail polish thinner (NOT ACETONE/NAIL POLISH REMOVER) and shake the bottle up. This restores the fluid consistency.

Here's all the white polish hopefuls in order of appearance in the video:

Hope this helps you in your search for the perfect white polish!


  1. Conclusive I think! French tip polish is the way to go! Thanks for going to the trouble of testing all those different polishes. :)

  2. That's so genius yet so obvious - gotta get myself a French tip white ASAP.
    : )

  3. This video was amazing! Have you tried KBShimmer Eyes White Open? Also, how did I not know you are Canadian?!

  4. Hey, just so ya know, the Mundo de Unas polish is a specific polish for nail stamping that shouldn't be used for regular nail polish. It's way thicker and doesn't have the same formula as regular polish, which is why it smells like car paint.

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