Friday 30 January 2015

Optical illusion black and white opposite nails

This week's weekly nail art challenge (co-hosted by Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram) is matte black and white - and I went simple for once! I was inspired by Amy Tran's square purple and gold opposite-interlocking design, and then as it turns out a couple days later she published a now very similar one to mine which I just realized now lol, except she used full swirls instead of mini swirls. I guess this is what happens when you opt for a simple design, there's really nothing proprietary about it since someone is bound to think up the same thing!


Tuesday 27 January 2015

FUN Lacquer multi-chrome trippy cyclones

So you could say that I had some FUN with my new FUN Lacquer polishes - the 2015 New Years collection! I swatched and review the four I used here plus their holo twins recently - see here for swatches! I recently got my hands on some new vinyls I'd been dying to try out - cyclone swirls from Twinkled T - and so the whole multi-chrome swirly cyclone mani thing just had to happen. Trippy!!


Saturday 24 January 2015

El Corazon active-bio gel polishes: Review and sparkle

A new polish brand to me, El Corazon has released a massive line of "active bio gel" polishes, which are dubbed a "nail treatment that looks, applies and removes like a regular nail polish, but at the same time helps to strengthen your nails and gradually improve their condition. It is easy to apply, dries very quickly and lasts on your nails much longer than regular polishes." The two I have here today have a jelly formula with holographic flakies, unlike any polish I've seen before! There is so much depth to these polishes and I'm in love with their multi-dimensional result, especially the purple. These El Corazon polishes and many more colour options are available from Hypnotic Polish, an international indie polish stockist.

Friday 23 January 2015

Dark galaxy nails using ultra-chrome flakies

It's galaxy time yaaaaasss! After that epic climax of ILNP ultra-chrome flakies a few weeks ago, you didn't think I was going to leave you hanging, did ya??

This week's weekly nail art challenge (co-hosted by Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram) is all about galaxies, and the theme is matte. Normally I throw rave parties over matte flakies, but I think I have succumbed to the glossy version on this one!! I know I know, "matte all the flakies" lovers everywhere are crying.


Wednesday 21 January 2015

Neon plaid re-creation mani

It's that time again where I lament over my old nail arts with its sad sad state of cuticle clean up, awkward hand posing, terrible photography, and overall bad everything else. BUT on the bright side, this also means it's time to re-create!! And since I have nubs again given my recent nail death, why not do a throwback thursday, or wednesday... what day is it?


Sunday 18 January 2015

Fun Lacquer 2015 New Year's Collection


LOOK at this collection, like actually look AT IT. And this pic below isn't even capturing it in its full magical shiftyness. This is none other than FUN Lacquer's 2015 new years collection!! 

Now available from Live Love Polish which is perfect for American and Canadian shoppers who fear expensive shipping costs (they do ship internationally too), or directly from FUN Lacquer (based in Singapore). See below for more places to buy. Now onto the best part, swatchiiiieeeeesss!!

Fun Lacquer 2015 New Years Collection
FUN Lacquer 2015 New Years Collection

Friday 16 January 2015

Bestie twin nails: Multi-coloured 'X' dotticure with The Nail Polish Challenge

It's that time again where we get together with another nail polish freak and act like 7 year old twins!! Let's paint our nails the same YAYYYYY. Say haaaayyy to Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge's nails! Now that I've come to terms with my recent nail death and subsequent nubs, and after a brief debate about who's nail beds were longer, Kelli and I decided lets do matchy match nub nails! We are both in love with Glam Polish's new Hairspray collection, so we used three of their new holos. These  shades will be available from Harlow & Co. for Canadian and American customers by the end of January!


Wednesday 14 January 2015

Holo-days holo glitters trio from Painted Polish

It's holo glitter time again YAAASSSSS. With none other than Painted Polish, who will be doing a restock of her magical holo glitter creations this Friday at 11AM PST / 2PM EST!!! Get your pocket books out again ladies, it's that time in mid-January when you're like crap I should have bought myself a Christmas present.... on that note, let's just pretend it's still Christmas cause these were from the Holo-days Collection! Yay me, for being slow!

Friday 9 January 2015

Chevron scaled gradient - on short nails!

To all the non-believers out there (mostly 12 year olds on Instagram), you CAN DO a scaled gradient on short nails! Despite popular belief, it is totally possible, so long as you mind your gradient spacing :) I did these ones more or less to prove this point, figured I'd make use of my newfounds nubs (see more on my nail break travesty here and an update here). This original scaled gradient design was created for the weekly nail art challenge I co-host on Instagram along with @missbellatracey and Lacquerstyle. The prompt is gradient (which I hi-jacked to scaled gradient of course) and the theme is matte - check out the matte version below!


Thursday 8 January 2015

The prettiest dark blue holo you ever seen: Painted Polish 2015

...precisely what my title says, this is it ladies!! You can call off the search for that epic royal blue multi-dimensional deep holo polish cause I found it!! And it's limited edition, with the last restock ever happening tomorrow (Friday Jan 9th) at 11AM PST/2PM EST from Painted Polish's online shop. This polish is named '2015' in honour of the new year. In my experience Painted Polish holo glitter wonders sell out VERY quickly, so if you're looking to score this baby you best set your alarms and get on that website, add it to your cart (along with some other holo goodies of course, see here, here, here and here for some swatches), and check the fack out quick!!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Glam Polish's 2015 Hairspray Collection

Glam Polish is starting off the new year with a vibrant new collection full of of colourful gems inspired by the musical Hairspray! Every one of these 9 new rich and luxe polishes are holographic and full of shimmer and glam. I personally love this collection because it is not holiday or season-specific, meaning that you can wear all these colours and combos of them any time of the year!

This limited edition collection will be available for purchase on January 8th directly from Glam Polish (based in Australia), or one of their international stockists. If you're in Canada or the US be sure to check Harlow & Co.'s website first, they will be stocking them in late January!

Glam Polish - Hairspray Collection

And yes... I have nubs, don't remind me :D Long story short...

Saturday 3 January 2015

Grumpy cat not a fan of holo glitter

What does Grumpy cat like anyways though? All I know is that he definitely probably more than likely is not a fan of sparkly awesome things such as holo glitter. So Liz of @sassafrassnails on Instagram and I decided to expose him to maximum levels of holo, muhahahhaha.

The grumpy cat portrait was hand-painted with acrylic paint and the holo glitter gradient is, well, nothing new from my side of the woods :D