I don't always make a tutorial... but when I do it's 'cause the design is f**king awesome. 

Here's a list of mani's I've done a tutorial for. Each thumbnail links to the corresponding YouTube video. I used to promise 1 MINUTE OR LESS NAIL ART VIDEO TUTORIAL because who the hell enjoys watching 8 minute nail art tutorials where the chick is like "Hi everyone! So today... um... like this... no this!" .... but then people started to ask that I actually talk in my videos??? Why??? Based on feedback, my more recent nail art tutorials are a couple minutes :)

You can also just check out my YouTube page.

Featured tutorials: Tips, tricks, and other fun stuff!

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File and shape your nails like a pro!
Review of 11 drug store polishes!
Don't whiten your nails!
Learn absolutely nothing here
Review of 10 white polishes!
Liquid latex product reviews for messy manis!
Find out how I do it!
Not a tutorial, just way more fun!
My Nail Care regimen

The whole library of nail art tutorials:
Tasty chocolate Easter nails
Unicorn skin window
Unicorn veins
Oil spill foil nails
One-coater holos & rainbows
Stamped heart watermarble + holo
Stamped watermarble cheat!
Drag marble cheat!
Rainbow foil 
Watermarble nail vinyls!
Watermarble nail vinyls!
Sparkly rainbow highlighter gradient
3D Matte quilted nails
Fireworks and flakies
C(h)ristmas gradients
Candy Cane Ice Queen
Star Wars nail art
Ugly Christmas sweater nails
Jelly glitter elegant Christmas
Photo says it all
Snowflake gradient nails
White shattered glass nails
Dragon scales - triple scales gradient
Holographic shattered glass
Sharpie watercolour + patterns!
Catstache Movember nails
Scaled reciprocal gradient
I bleed holo glitter for Holoween
Skull and catstooth pattern
Peace sign dotticure
Holo and flakie galaxy nails
Holo Halloween pattern
Bubble nails... ya or nah?
Splatter nails - messiest thing ever
Swarovski bling nails ft. Crystal Katana
Fall plaid
Holographic cats - meow!
Unicorn Pee porn - Clarins 230!
Holographic drag marble
Stained glass glitter placement
Glitter placement for beginners
Back to school crayons
Red or blue waves?
Russian drag marble secrets UNLOCKED!
Trying to be Russian
Large hex holo glitter placement
Scaled gradient fire nails
Slutty flakie fishnet nails
Scaled reciprocal gradient pattern
How NOT to do a complicated gradient
Watercolour mermaid - so easy!
Drybrush & freehand - pretend to paint!
American pride flag nails
Canada Day reciprocal gradient
Turquoise diamond + holo topcoat
Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' nails
Black & gold holo stripes
Right angle geometric design
Intricate diamond pattern
Loose glitter placement
How NOT to Watermarble
Easy neon gradient heart swirls
Fishtail colourblind test dotticure
Edgy fishtail neon gradient
Patterned neon gradient
Neon half moon dotticure
Snupps app inspired nails
Class ivory lace over white gold flakie base
Funky neon + directional arrows
Pastel neon ikat
Pastel stripes n' dots
Pretty pink leopard nails
Teal holo drybrush + fancy tips
Black & holo scaled reciprocal gradient
Easy striping tape ideas
Badass holo rhinestone nails
Simple blue gradient with iridescent topper
Purple holo blobbicure - so easy!
Pink mini-hex holo glitter placement
Stacked chevron nails
Drag marble hearts & glitter placement
Dark Valentine's Day gradient combo
Pink gradient & ruffian border
B&W optical illusion swirls
Multi-chrome cyclones
Galaxy nails using flakies
Neon plaid
Multi-coloured 'X' dotticure
Scaled gradient - on short nails!
Grumpy cat no like holo glitter
Ultra-chrome flakies and right angles
Holo reciprocal-V gradient
Abstract dark Christmas chevrons
Colourful chevron ikat
Leadlighting gradient with holo jellies
Winter snow glitters over gradient
Easy square colour-block tips
Edgy colour-block nails
Neon scaled reciprocal gradient skittle
Holo glitter scaled gradient
Abstract one-stroke with glitters
Textured fishtail braid
Tri-coloured holo glitter gradient
Abstract starburst rainbow foil art
Edgy purple holo fishnet gradient combo
Bliss Kiss inspired red to clear gradient
Glowing Halloween cat silhouettes
Fall holo reciprocal X round gradient
Holo + creme intricate reciprocal gradient
Matte textured asymmetrical colour-blocking
Tweed with copper and black accents
Tribal holo reciprocal gradient
Triangle reciprocal gradient
Quadruple mexican rug scaled gradient
Halloween spiders and glitter
Teal holo colour-blocking
Abstract fall leaves
Enchanted castle silhouette
Colour shifty nails with vinyls and studs
Neon orange starburst scaled gradient
Black & white crosshatch
Nude holo gradient and freehand detail
Seafoam sponging - Pink agate rocks
Purple holo starburst scaled gradient
Freehand dandelion silhouette
Geometric right angles
Teal holo gradient with swirls and glitters
Greek saran wrap nails & water decals
Starburst triple scaled gradient holo skittle
Returning reciprocal chevron gradient
Wavy blue holo triple scaled gradient
Rainbow gradient with black graphics
Seafoam sponging - Turquoise agate rocks
Duochrome holo drybrush over black
Multi-coloured skinny chevrons
Neon corner gradient & directional right angles
Simple summer tribal with freehand detail
Clear to black gradient with holo jelly
Striping tape diamond crosshatch
Lightning bolt vinyls and holo
Pure Ice glitter gradient
Leadlighting with neon holo jellies
Split blue and gold with crackled studs
Nude flakies & black holo chevrons
Neon holo jelly skittle & black waves
Triple raz teal scaled gradient
Curved blue scaled gradient with glitter
Looping effect with striper polishes
Green creme & duochrome quatrefoil
Neon single chevron scaled gradient skittle
Neutral-hued single chevron scaled gradient
Neon chevron triple scaled gradient
Tri-colour curved scaled gradient
Purple clouds technique and lightning
Greyscale chevron returning reciprocal gradient
Alligator green single chevron scaled gradient