You ask, I answer! Most of the time... when I'm not lazy... or making cat videos... or busy painting my nails.....

  1. What's your favourite nail polish?
    • That's like asking me what my favourite kind of kitten is... I LOVE THEM ALL. But my fav types of nail polish are holos, holo glitters, flakies, and multi-chromes. See some of my absolute fave nail polishes here!
  2. What's a holo?
    • Are you an alien? Holo is short for holographic, which means sparkly and reflects rainbows of awesomeness and magical wonder no matter what base colour it is! Just check the holo tag on my blog to see what I mean. Chances are 80% of things I swatch are holo anyways.
  3. Where do you get your nail polish?

♡ ♡ ♡ BASE COAT, TOP COAT ♡ ♡ ♡
  1. What's your favourite quick dry long-lasting top coat?
    • Recently I've been loving SuperChic Lacquer's quick dry top coat! It dries super quick but is also a decent thickness and super glossy - it's great for glitter manis and for working with nail vinyls! See my Gradient Guide for tips on using a quick dry top coat before using nail vinyls and other tape.
  2. What's your favourite matte top coat?
  3. What's your favourite base coat?
    • Depends what I'm doing! Most of the time I use a peel off base coat since I switch my polish so often, especially when swatching. Watch a video on using a peel off base coat here. Peel off base coats aren't just great for glitter, I use them for swatching multi-chromes or other polish too and thus use minimal amounts of nail polish removal for the little pieces that are left behind!
      1. Fav peel off base coat:
        • "Ready for Takeoff" by UNT - this base coat applies clear and dries faster than glue-based peel off base coats (e.g., DIY PVA/Elmer's glue base coats, OPI's Glitter Off), and is actually WAY BETTER at peeling off in one piece. It even peels off non-glitter regular polish! I will be making a video on it eventually, but for now just trust me :p
      2. Fav long lasting base coat:
  4. What's your favourite nail strengthening base coat?
    • Noneeeee!! I used to use OPI's Nail Envy but then it made my nails so hard they would snap/crack/break more easily. Read here and here on why I no longer use a nail strengthener. 

♡ ♡ ♡ NAIL CARE ♡ ♡ ♡
  1. How do you keep your nails/cuticles/hands so awesome looking?
  2. My nails are really brittle, they peel, and they keep breaking. What can I do to stop this?
    • Same answer as above: nail oil oil oil! Apply it 3-8x daily, avoid water, stop using strengthening base coats, and read my Nail Care page for more.
  3. What's your favourite nail/cuticle oil?
  4. My nails won't grow. How do you grow your nails????
  5. How do you get rid of yellow nails?
  6. How do you file your nails?

Simply Peel liquid latex barrier
  1. What's that peel-off stuff you use around your nails to clean up after a gradient/stamping/watermarble?
    • Watch my video review of 6 different peel-off products for messy nail art clean up
    • I always use liquid latex - there are many different brands out there that currently make it, but here's two of my faves:
      • Simply Peel from Nail Care HQ: I love this one because the formula is very thick making it easy to peel off in one pull, and because it dries really quick and turns clear with glitters that sparkle when dry! Read and watch the full review here.
      • Liquid Palisade by Kiesque: I love the brush in this one because it's very small and you can get it in all the crevices around the nail. It also dries very fast! The only downside is that it retails for $22USD which some aren't a fan of :\ Read and watch the full review here.
  2. Can't you just use PVA/Elmer's glue mixed with water as a peel-off barrier?
    • You could try, but it will probably suck to peel it off in many gooey pieces and then have little bits of glue stuck around your cuticles that you'll have to pick out and then probably end up using a lot of acetone with an angled eyeliner brush anyway. Watch the nastiness for yourself in this video! Do it right and get the real stuff.
  3. What's the sponge you use to do a gradient?
  4. What are your favourite nail art brushes?
    • Strangely enough I don't use nail art brushes that much cause I don't do many freehand manis (gradient everything!!) but here's some great brushes:
  5. How do you make your brush stroke lines so smooth? Why are mine so jagged??
  6. Where do you get those nail sticker stencil things?
  7. Swirl vinyls from Twinkled T
    • From Twinkled T --- use my code SIMPLY for 10% off your entire order!
    • P.S. They're called nail vinyls!
    • STAY AWAY from the white vinyls sold on Amazon - they are extremely cheap quality, basically like hole reinforcements and do not have the flex in the vinyl that higher-quality nail vinyls do. 
  8. What about striping tape? Isn't that the same thing as nail vinyls and where do I get some?
    • No, striping tape is different in material than nail vinyls (see my Gradient Guide for more on that). But there's lots more you can do with striping tape since it's up to you to cut and place! You can buy a ton in bulk for cheap (like a few dollars) from Amazon.
  9. Where do you get loose glitter for glitter placement manis?
    • Not from Amazon! A lot of those are cheap quality and dissolve the colour once you put top coat on. 
    • Twinkled T has a massive selection of loose glitters, all solvent resistant and great for glitter placement manis! Use my code SIMPLY for 10% off!
  10. Where can I get rhinestones and studs and stuff?

  1. What kind of camera do you use?
  2. What takes better pics/videos, Canon or Nikon?
    • Personally I think they both major DSL-R brands take great pics, but it's not always about "WHICH CAMERA IS BETTER JUST TELL ME SO MY PICS WILL BE BETTER"... there is so so so much more to taking a great photo than having "the best" camera, a concept which is extremely subjective anyways. 
    • You actually have to KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR DSL-R CAMERA. Which means understanding how to work in full manual mode (you'll need to if you want the most control over your pics = better pics that look like how you want them to look), and then you'll need to understand all the functions of manual mode. Do you know what aperture is? Shutter speed? ISO? Do you know how they work together to take a great photo? If not then I promise you, so long as you do your homework (read up on DSL-R manual functions, watch YouTube videos on it), then your new Canon or Nikon will take great photos, whatever brand you end up choosing. If they turn out shitty and assuming you bought a somewhat recent and fully-loaded DSL-R, then it's probably because you didn't know how to use it. Tough love, eh?!
  3. What kind of lighting do you use for your pics and videos?
    • I used just 2 x 5200k 28W CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) bulbs screwed into regular 'ol desk lamps for the longest time. Around mid-February of 2015 I added a third CFL, 5000k 43W plugged into an Illumi softbox reflective umbrella contraption on a Mantis 3m stand. I got these at my local photography store but I've seen many similar items on Amazon like this PBL Photo Studio softbox,  or kits out there like this one that come with it all. I still use my desk lamps as my major source of light as they are easy to aim/angle, but the large umbrella stand thing helps give an overall greater light exposure.
  4. Do you edit your nail photos?
    • Yes, in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I use it to adjust light exposure levels, colour balance,  add my watermark, make swatch/brush porn collages, memes, etc.
  5. How do you film/edit/export your nail art tutorials?
  6. Where can I watch your video stuff? 
  7. Where can I see some nail porn tho???
    • Right here on the o the Nail Porn page! Nail porn is like porn for nail polish freaks - multiple-angled shots of gorgeous polish bottles, seductive brush moves, and sensual slow-mo glitter shots. You can find mine along with others' renditions under the #simplynailporn hashtag on social media. Head on over to the Nail Porn page to see all my videos so far!

♡ ♡ ♡ RANDOM STUFFS ♡ ♡ ♡
  1. How many bottles of nail polish do you own?
  2. My stash!
  3. How do I get more followers on Instagram?
    • Don't ask people to follow you. No seriously, it's facking annoying. Also don't spam others' posts with crap about how you post great nail arts and post no ads... as I put it, what would you say to some punk who tried to sell their lemonade on your lawn? GET OFF MA LAWN is what you'd say! 
    • To gain followers you gotta actually do work. Put tons of effort in your designs, improve your cuticle clean-up, lighting, backgrounds and whatever else is feasible for you to do. The followers will come to you because they want to see more of your stuff! 
    • Once you've established an awesome account that people want to see, make video tutorials and use feature hashtags of large accounts who may actually share your video with millions of IG users! How?!?! Watch and read my post on how to make amazing nail video tutorials and fast forward towards the end ;)
  4. How do you become a swatcher? Does that mean you get free polish?
    • Yes, the majority of the polish I swatch and review on my blog are provided as a press sample by either the company themselves or a stockist. Please read my disclosure policy for more on that boring stuff.
    • A lot of indie nail polish companies have blogger/swatcher application forms on their website. But first, are your photos ones that companies would want to use to promote their product? Remember that they have to want you to showcase their product because they want to be able to use your photos as promotional shots for potential buyers. Will people buy the polish because of your pics? Look at some of your fav swatch bloggers - what makes their photos so great, so uniform? Adapt some of these qualities and an indie nail polish company might just take you up on your application!
  5. Where can I get those Shit Nail Artists Say blank square templates so I can make my own?
  6. Why do you like cats so much?
    • Why do you ask so many questions? Now go follow my kitty Menchie on Instagram @menchiethecat.
  7. You should make memes about the stupid things people ask and say to you.
    • Whatd'ya know I already do on the Party Mix page!

  1. When did you first get into nail art? 
    • I started doing stripes on my nails as early as 15... which was 11 years ago (do the math and you might just figure out how old I am). But at the time nail art wasn't a "thing", it was more or less considered tacky. So I was pretty much alone painting all my nails different colours, being obsessed with Sally Hansen Prisms and people thinking I'm a freak. 
  2. When did you start blogging/Instagramming?
    • In late February 2014 - here's my very first blog post! What took me so long? I never even realized there was an online community for my passion (obsession). That and I never had time previously to realize it as I was finishing grad school and the like. So when I defended my thesis in January 2014, I knew the first thing I was going to do was start a blog. YAASSS CAREER GOALS.
  3. Do you swatch for a living?
    • HAHA, um, NO. I'd be poor AF and living out of a cardboard box if I did. I work full-time for the Canadian government as a crime statistics analyst and yes, I spend 99% of my time off work doing da nails.
  4. What do you do in your spare time outside of work and nails?
  5. What's your favourite nail design ever?
  6. How did you get so good at doing nails?
    • There's this thing called practice or whatever?
  7. How do you come up with your designs?
    • I pull them out of my ass, idk.
  8. What year is it?
  9. Can you please post a water marble tutorial?
    • No.
  10. Can you do my nails?
    • Can you bake me some cookies?
  11. Why are you so sarcastic?
    • I have no idea what you are talking about?

Any more questions you'd like to see here that weren't answered? Comment below and I'll add them... maybe ;)


  1. I had no idea I was already a member of a club! The stay at home club! I totally am :) Loved your FAQs!


    2. What's the music you are using on your intros? I went back on your first and last videos with it and I search the ones you put in the description box but I guess you always skip the main one.

    3. What's the music you are using on your intros? I went back on your first and last videos with it and I search the ones you put in the description box but I guess you always skip the main one.

  2. I would love to bake you some cookies!

  3. I started my instagram on May 2014 and we have the same amount of followers but yours has a k on it 😧

  4. Stay home club, is the best club ever! :p

  5. It's very odd to read someone else's lingo that sounds so much like yourself! We could be friends LMAO. Thank you for all of your tips. LOVE GIVERS, takers can bugger off!

  6. Do you usually paint nails on both hands? Or just one hand?

  7. GTFO...I totally JUST got a Gemma Correll Stay at Home Club shirt. I'm saving up for a Sulk sweater.

    Are you my Canadian love child? Sarcasm, nails, SAHC, holowhores, sarcasm, bad shelf making skills? Coincidence?

  8. Totally read that from your voice in my head!


  9. One of my nails is weird as, like, looking down on so you can see the end of the nail, the left half is curved, and the right half just goes flat and doesn't curve to the other side of my nail, any tips on how I could change the shape of my nail or do I just accept this as my nail of shame?

    1. I think we'll just have to accept it as it. Mine do the same thing. Annoying as all heck!

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  11. Are you affiliated with bliss kiss? You use a lot of stuff by them...simply blah blah blah, and your youtube name is the same as your fave peel off latex

  12. I can't get the code to work :c

  13. I can't get the code to work :c

  14. whats does that symbol mean next to your name?

    1. The little pencil thing next to Cristine's name??

    2. It means since she is the editor of the site she has that little icon next to her name so we know its her.

  15. Is "simplynotlogical" your account on Instagram?

  16. Hi there, I was wondering if you keep the nail design for the week or take it off and just do same colour like the other hand for work?

  17. Hi! I'm having trouble with Unt peel off base coat. I tried one and two coats, but it's like it sticks to my nails too much. Any tips?

    1. Make sure it's not on your nail. It's only supposed to be on your skin. I think anyway.

    2. unt base should work like Cristine's and no it should go on your nail its a peel off base
      BUT back on track try letting it dry completely and if not i can't really help u more sorry :)

  18. hi there, I am new to your world. wondering which other blogs/youtubers you like and would recommend for someone who is interested in all things nails - and glitter :D

  19. You at least wash your hands right?

  20. Why are your nails yellow(I'm new to this holo world)

    1. Look up her video in youtube "why yellow nails dont matter" she might have a post on this site about it but im mot sure. But basically its becuse she paints her nails so much.

  21. Cristine! Can you tell me how you get your unt peel off base coat to last so long? I know it isnt supposed to last too long, but I cant seem to make mine last 24 hours! Any advice would be much appreciated!😸

    1. Pretty much the same thing here. I've heard Cristine says in a couple of videos that she has her mani's lasting a week with UNT peel off base coat but the longest I've gotten out of it was 36 hours. I was only getting 24 hours but I cut my nails down, a LOT, and buffed them really well and used alcohol to dry them out to get the base coat to stick as much as possible. I would be happy if it lasted 3 or 4 days but I can't get anywhere near that and I don't have the time to paint my nails every day so I wind up going back to Orly rubberized base coat to get a lasting manicure and just dealing with the acetone when it comes time to remove it. I really was looking forward to being able to wear glitter polish without having to soak it off.

  22. Please help with this! I have the exact same issue. My hands aren't in water constantly and I do cap the nails. The whole thing pops off like a Lee Press-on Nail! 😿

  23. What's your favorite glossy taco? I have trouble finding a really good one.

  24. Hi. What blogging platform do you use? e.g. blogger or wordpress? and what is the current theme you are using? Thanks

  25. Cristine,
    You are my 100% inspiration in life. I've had a really rough past few months and I just want to say thank you so much for awakening the homosexuality in me, leading me to soar to new heights. Whenever I watch your videos, all of my problems get washed away by the river of holo. I'm not allowed to have any social media, so I can't follow you, or else I would have long ago:(. I've only been watching your videos for 3-4 months and I've seen all of your videos at least 5 times each. In your old intro, what is the pink holo polish in the last slide? It's such a beautiful polish and I'd love to buy it! Is it menchiethe cat? Or something else? I'd really like to know what it is so I can buy it!

  26. I want to know how much time do you let each coat dry?

  27. Where can I get your Holo nail polishes (in what site and where in Canada, Montréal) ?? BTW I have a little Holo bag for makeup and nail polishes

  28. I have this problem where my nail polish peels of after a shower, even when I polished the nails a day ahead.
    Good excuse to get the polish out again though...

  29. What is your opinion on gel polish? c:

  30. So I avoid nail polish even though I love it. Mainly because I work in a school kitchen and my hands are in water a lot because of dishes (horrible, I know! Believe me...I wish I didn't have to put my nails through that). But I get the summers off and I'd love to play around with nail polish. However, I'm always disappointed. I'll paint my nails all pretty and then sleep (after they dry, of course) and when I wake up the next morning they'll be worn off/chipped off. How in the world do I prevent this? I use a top coat (and even a base coat last time it happened). Is it because my polish has usually been the cheap brands?

    1. Could be. Different brands have different durability. It could also be your nails, maybe you need to dry them out with alcohol before applying the base coat? Maybe you need to cut them shorter to make them last? The shape of the nail matters too. Try different brands of nail polish, I am sure that there is something out there that will work with your body chemistry, it is just a matter of finding the right one. You could start with drug store polishes (like Wet N Wild or Sally Hansen) and go from there. Live Love Polish is a great place to get indie nail polishes, they have so much to choose from, if you want something special and like to order online. Good luck!

    2. Could be. Different brands have different durability. It could also be your nails, maybe you need to dry them out with alcohol before applying the base coat? Maybe you need to cut them shorter to make them last? The shape of the nail matters too. Try different brands of nail polish, I am sure that there is something out there that will work with your body chemistry, it is just a matter of finding the right one. You could start with drug store polishes (like Wet N Wild or Sally Hansen) and go from there. Live Love Polish is a great place to get indie nail polishes, they have so much to choose from, if you want something special and like to order online. Good luck!

  31. I love cats and holo too Cristine, YELLOW NAILS MATTER, (I have yellow nails and I love them!!! COVER THEM WITH HOLO, RIGHT?)

  32. Hi,
    so you sad what water is not good. I need help about sinking my nails in ,,nail bath''. And i'm doing it because i though it's good for my nails. it is? or i can skip this shit and forget to waist my time helping nails grow?

  33. Did you ever display your collection of peelies in a video or somewhere online?

  34. How do you get your nails to dry so easily? Mine tend to take 3 days to completely dry. I don't think i'm putting it on any thicker than you are.

  35. Can you please have an Ottawa meet up, I love you soo much and I live in Ottawa.

  36. I NEED the intro music PLZZZ!

  37. Do you have an updated favorite quick dry top coat? The marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat is out of stock :(

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  39. Hi, I´m fairly new but I´ve already watched almost all of your videos and love them. Huge thanks :)
    I don`t do my nails very often, but when I do, I have one issue, maybe you can help?
    Even when I use a top coat, the tips of my nails give off the color, I leave stupid red marks on paper, which ist a bit embarassing at work. Wrong taco? Any ideas?
    I´m not a native speaker btw, so please forgive any weird language ;)

  40. My nails are white, tho. My index fingernails don;t grow!!! I waited a Month!!!

    1. It varies for everyone. It takes my nails about 1 month to get good nail quality. For some people it takes months.

  41. I'm a good baker!!! I'll make you all the cookies you want. What'd ya say? I bake you cookies and you paint my nails? Yes, yes?

  42. Whenever i paint my nails i always end up with little bubbles in the polish. I shake the bottle, roll the bottle, use thin coats, thick coats, normal, clean my nails, everything and it's slways the same!! Help

  43. Could you do nail art for the nub club? Like on bens nails or something??? I have really short nails and nail beds so I can just about fit a gradient! Even the video on designs for short nails were too big!! XD XD

  44. I could watch your videos all day! I found out I was a holosexual, the day I found u! Like, 2 months ago! HOLO, ITS ME. I HAVE ONE OF THOSE SHIRTS YASSSSSSSSSS, I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH ❤️

  45. Hello Cristine,

    due to your YouTube-channel I got inspired to revive an old Hobby of mine, which I haven't been celebrating for a Long time:
    Growing and "Styling" my nails! :D
    Back then I had no clue and tried all those total beginner Fails, like using usual tape to try to draw a straight line and such, but your channel inspired me to get some more "pro" Equipment to try out other things now. :) I can't wait to get my first holo-polishes and the Equipment for various designs being delivered! :D

    I also read your nail-care-guides and your Infos about how to make your mani last, same as your FAQ, but there are a few more questions, which I'd be happy to get your advise for.

    You suggest not to go "naked", but to always wear nail-polish to protect natural nails. What would you say is the Minimum number of coats of polish one should wear to have a good Support for your nails? (For example when I'm about to attend to a very serious appointment, where I can't wear colorful nails, but would rather wear clear polish only to Keep my nails protected from breaking)

    My Impression is and always has been, that each extra coat of polish needs more time to dry. What do you suggest how Long to wait after each layer before applying the next coat, if you want to fully dry each?

    How do you check, if you nailpolish is dry without staining it?

    Oase :)

  46. what University did you go to? I also live in Ottawa and Im a big fan!

  47. When you use peel-off base coat, is it possible to keep the nail polish you peel of and wear it later (assuming it all comes off in one satisfying peel-porny piece)?

  48. so I know you dont really use gel polish but if you were to were gel nails, which line would you recommend? Because Im looking for something that I can just get online without a license. Just like there are freelance makeup artists, Im getting into freelance nail artistry and got all my acrylic jazz down but need some quality gel polish (which no one wants to sell me since girl got no license Dx)

  49. what is menchies birthday? or how old is she? i think our cats might be sisters

  50. for the giveaway, if your viewer is under 18 and needs to send you the letter, where do we send it? do we email you or send it from your p.o box?

  51. I was entering your giveaway and when I was done Google docs said there was to many request and to try again later. I did and it still didn't work

  52. Thanks for telling us so much about u!! U rock. Love your blogs and videos!! You are such a nail fashionista. I wish I was too. Look forward to more vids and blogs

  53. If I bake you some Triple Fudge Deluxe Chocolate Cake will you paint my nails for free?

  54. thank you for sharing....keep it up...good work...Removeit Pro 2015 Crack

  55. Do you still respond to questions here?