Sunday, 5 June 2016

100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISHMOUNTAIN

I'm sure you've wondered how exactly to get the world's thickest manicure, the ultimate layered look, the nails for polish addicts who can't pick just one colour, the POLISH MOUNTAIN!!!

So I went to polish mountain for you, now let me be your guide! You guys challenged me to put on as many coats of nail polish as I could, so I listened because I'm all for useful intelligent hack videos.

Care to out-coat me? If you dare, tag it with #POLISHMOUNTAIN on social media! Also... who knew that Polish also meant something other than nail polish...



Holo, I'm Cristine, and I usually make useful nail art videos...

These are way more attractive than bubble nails if you ask me. It's like a jawbreaker for your nails. Honestly I got so hungry during the 12+ hours filming this that I might have tried to eat them.


This was my first failed attempt... 40 coats of wet nail polish before I sucked it up and actually waited between every coat to allow time to dry.

I am so happy I redid them. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have this wonderful piece of artwork to add to my nail art portfolio.

And then I peeled it off thanks to my trusty peel-off base coat. Without you, I could not have kept the mountain under my pillow for safekeeping. Must always keep tokens from your travels to polish mountain. 

*This video was sponsored by ME. BETCH. And all the hours and days and hours I spent filming and editing this. Approximately 297073 hours.


  1. Cristine,
    You are my 100% inspiration in life. I've had a really rough past few months and I just want to say thank you so much for awakening the homosexuality in me, leading me to soar to new heights. Whenever I watch your videos, all of my problems get washed away by the river of holo. I'm not allowed to have any social media, so I can't follow you, or else I would have long ago:(. I've only been watching your videos for 3-4 months and I've seen all of your videos at least 5 times each. In your old intro, what is the pink holo polish in the last slide? It's such a beautiful polish and I'd love to buy it! Is it menchiethe cat? Or something else? I'd really like to know what it is so I can buy it!

  2. You are the funniest, I just love you videos. Thank you for making me laugh😄. Every time I paint my nails I have to pee.😝. One time the TO stuck on my nail. Just thought you would get a laugh out of that.

  3. What was the first coat? :)) You're super funny in the video and to stay so many hours to try this insane thing, well, hats off in front of you! (I don't know if you use this term...but here it means RESPECT!:))

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  5. Holo Cristine, you are my nail inspiration and you're cats give me life❤️
    That is all just wanted a little positive comment from me in case you ever looked at this :)
    xoxo Chand

  6. I just see that there's not a lot of comments on this so maybe you'll notice me. I love you sooo much Christine 💟 By the way I came from snapchat and I'm a Holosexual (and bisexual pride fest on Saturday @denver 🎉)

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  8. Holo,
    I love all of your videos and your Snapchat stories are so entertaining. I want more Ben takeovers!!!! I love you are you make me literally laugh so hard that I end up crying

  9. Holo, I think this was a crazy cool idea and I want to try it for my self

  10. Omg i love you so much. You are awesome . I watch all your videos

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  15. I love watching your videos! I watched your Polish mountain with clear nail Polish, what about clear gel/shellac? You could achieve your "things trapped inside clear stuff" and it would be much quicker.. Harder to remove, but I would love to see it if you were up for a challenge!
    Think youre hilarious! I'll keep watching your videos!
    Thanks!! <3

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