Nail pornos

It's official - I'm a pornstar! Well, a nail porn star anyways.

What's nail porn? It's more than just nail polish pics: it's sexy, sensual, seductive, makes-you-wanna-curl-under-the-covers-with-it videos that showcase the glorious magical properties of polish. You could also call it a commercial for nail polish!

Since the #nailporn and #glitter porn and #brushporn etc. hashtags are all clouded with random stuff on social media, I've been using #simplynailporn tag my pornos with, and that way others can share their own pornos too!

For nail polish companies: I offer nail porn videos as a service, and I would be happy to work with your brand! I not only make and edit the nail polish content myself, but I will do custom logo branding on the video as well at your request. Please email me at to inquire about project pricing.

Now, feast your eyes! Click the picture to open the video links.

FUN Lacquer 2nd Anni: 15sec & 1min
Native War Paints 'Opulence': 15sec
Starrily 'Neutrino': 15sec & 35sec
FUN Lacquer Summer 2015: 15sec & 1min
Azature 'Blue Diamond': 15sec & 35sec
FUN Lacquer Limited Ed: 15sec & 35sec
Azature 'Wine Diamond': 15sec & 35 sec
Starrily 'Enchanted Forest': 15sec & 35sec
FUN Lacquer B-Day: 15sec & 35sec
Starrily 'Blitzen': 15sec & 35sec
Kiara Sky brand video: 15sec
FUN Lacquer 'Secret': 15sec & 35sec
Twinkled T loose glitter
Twinkled T Nail vinyls
Painted Polish 'Blinded by Bubbly'
Liquid latex porn (followers request)
Colores de Carol 'Don Draper': 15sec & 35sec
Polished by KPT 'Wave Function'
CdC 'Harvey Specter': 15sec & 35sec
Polished by KPT 'Underneath the Milky Way'
Colores de Carol 'Dexter': 15sec & 35sec
Colores de Carol 'Gatsby': 15sec & 35sec
Polished by KPT 'Mars Escapade'
Polished by KPT 'Lumieres'
Colores de Carol 'Bling': 15sec & 35sec
Starrily Mythology Flakies collection
Starrily Heavenly Holos collection (flakies)
ILNP ultra-chrome flakies (15sec)

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