Friday 20 February 2015

Colour-blocking chevrons with the Licence to Polish collection

Salut! Saviez-vous que je suis bilingue?! Mais pas pour le moment car mon clavier n'offre pas de fonction franco car il n'y a pas d'accents... franchement MacBook, franchement!!... j'ai jusqu'a ici avec toi!!

So that's the French nail blogger in me making a brief attempted appearance in honour of today's nail art featuring a stunning collection by a French indie polish company!! Bien que oui! Il était un vernis, which roughly translates to "there once was a polish" in English, is a relatively new company that has launched two collections plus a nail basics set so far! They are run by two French bloggers, and based on our knowledge of French bloggers, it's safe to assume they too are awesome.

I used all five colours from their recent Licence to Polish collection, released this year (2015) to create this simple chevron striping pattern look!


Some bottle shots to begin! Those loose star glitters came in the cute canvas pouch packaging! With a pin button to boot, what a neat way to receive nail mail!

What a gorgeous combination of colours! Never would have thought to pull these five together, but how striking and complementary are they together, amirite?! This is definitely a collection for the fashionistas out there with such sophisticated tasteful holos like these!

Brush porn, obviously.

Now back to the nail arts - this week's theme for my Instagram weekly nail art challenge (co-hosted by Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram) is stripes and contrast! Okay, well I kind of cheated by doing chevrons on 3/5 nails, but in my defence chevrons are just two stripes placed together at an obtuse angle.

Chevron nail vinyls from

With the exception of the silver polish ('Juggling glass balls'), the polishes all applied evenly in 1-2 coats and were oh so deeply saturated with colour and a pack of holo/flake/shimmer to boot! The multi-dimensional nature of these polishes really comes out in different lighting. See for yourself in the live action brush porn shots below!

(see also 15sec version on Instagram)
  • My favourite quick dry top coat that I've used in this tutorial as well as any other nail arts I do where I need to apply vinyls is HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow!
  • The chevron nail vinyls (and the flat stripes once I used on the nails not filmed for this tutorial) are all from
  • You can pick up this collection directly from Il était un vernis, or check out their stockist list for more options (chest en francais!)

Polishes used (all from the Licence to Polish collection):
- Il était un vernis 'Juggling glass balls' (silver holo with tiny silver flakes)
- Il était un vernis 'Drop dead gorgeous' (rich gold-brown holo with gold flakes)
- Il était un vernis 'We want you for NPA army' (forest-green holo with gold flakes)
- Il était un vernis 'In teal we trust' (rich blue-leaning teal holo with silver flakes)
- Il était un vernis 'Something to remember' (pastel pink light holo with purple-pink shimmer)

*Polishes were provided by Il était un vernis for my impartial review.


  1. Pfff! Nobody would even dare say something about those chevrons, 'cause they're there being way too awesome to dismiss ;)
    Actually, love stripes and chevrons together - they should totally hang out together more often.
    And I'm not even commenting on the insanely crisp lines you've got going on - 5 star mani, dear!
    Except... you had me scared with that French bit at the beginning, which got me wondering 'wth, this is not the link I clicked dammit!' - French is my nemesis.

  2. OMGGGG!!!! This one is Outstanding....Not Outstanding....It's Mindblowing.....Fab Fab Fab....Love love love this mani...Polishes are just fantabulous...<3 <3 <3

  3. Hi Cristine, this is a very unique and stunning mani! Your lines are so crisp and clean. I have to say, even though it's still technically *winter* (ugh), I'm done with these types of dark colors. Bring on the lights and brights! ;)

  4. your nails look very pretty!
    I love this manicure, thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the nails. They're so pretty!

    Lol when I first clicked into this article I skipped the French then was like wait I took six years of French. Translate that shit, self. I'm proud to say that even with a lapsed year, I generally understood the French.

    Also can "il était un vernis" as be translated to "once upon a polish" since "il était une food" (it was a time) is the French version of "once upon a time"?