Friday, 13 February 2015

It's a dark Valentine's Day... but a happy scaled gradient

This week's weekly nail art challenge (co-hosted by Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram) is Valentine's Day! And of course I had to hijack it and make a dark Valentine's Day/anti-Valentine's Day/evil Valentine's Day or whatever negative rendition of V-Day you see fit 'cause I'm a rebel. Plus seeing bleeding black and red evil hearts on mah nails makes me happy!!


I had seen a couple reciprocal gradient hearts done on Instagram, but ironically people said I inspired them to do it... and then I was like uhhmmm I don't remember ever doing that but GREAT IDEA MMM YEAH. To make things a little more interesting I added a scaled gradient on my ring finger - get this - a blood-dripping heartbeat scaled gradient, whhaaaaattt?!? How morbid I know, I love it.

If you have no idea what I'm saying but it sounds like gradient-schmadient, check out my Gradient Guide!

Literally looks like I was kidnapped and taken hostage in a vampire lair. Whatever, apparently they like sparkle, or they sparkle, or whatever something sparkly, so I'm down.

BAMMMM like blood IN YO FACE. Happy Valentine's Day???

Just a regular 'ol triangle latex-free make-up/foundation sponge from your local drug store!

Heartbeat nail vinyls from Twinkled T
Aren't we all happy my nails have grown back since my nail death late last year?! I know me and my scaled gradient ways sure are. Stay tuned for a post on how to grow those nubbins! Being in the nub club was fun for a while and all.... but I just need more space on mah nails to do stuffs on, mmk?

Liquid Palisade cuticle protector for easy post-gradient clean up from Kiesque

(I show you how to do 2 nails, so I'm allowed 2 mins :p)
(see also 15sec versions on Instagram here and here)

Products used:
Liquid Palisade cuticle protector from Kiesque
HK Girl quick dry top coat by Glisten & Glow
'Heartbeat' nail vinyls from TwinkledT
'Pure Color 10' detail nail art brush from Stylish Nail Art Shop

Excuse the terrible point-and-shoot camera shot of the polishes used, my DSL-R is stuck in a photoshoot with with specific lighting angles that cannot be messed with atm. Teehee stay tuned!

Polishes used:
- Cult Nails 'Tempest' (white creme base coat, not pictured)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)
- Rimmel 'Celebrity bash' (burgundy creme)
- Essie 'Forever yummy' (red creme)

*Nail vinyls were provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review. Liquid Palisade was provided by Kiesque for my impartial review.


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