Thursday, 21 May 2015

Powder Perfect: Holos from the Hardwicke collection

Introducing a brand new to me, Powder Perfect! They hail from Australia (why is it so many excellent polishes come from AU, why?!?) and today I've got three polishes from their latest release, the Hardwicke collection (consisting of a total of 9 polishes). But look, HELLLOOO HOOOLOOO HOW I'VE MISSED YOU.

First up, a couple bottle shots! 

Swatch conditions:

First up, The Crossroads! It's a rich warm brown, almost like milk chocolate, with linear holo throughout. This was three thin smooth-as-melted-chocolate coats. It's described as an earthy holographic polish with bronze flakes and small glitters, and I'm totally seeing those tiny flakies! They look like little bits of warm chocolate nougat or something and now I'm just hungry. Brb going to drug store...

Next up, Borders of the Forest is described as a forest green with blue-green micro flakes and a holographic effect. This one took three coats, the last one being somewhat thick, I found this polish a tiny bit on the sheer side but it goes on so smooth that you wouldn't even be bothered with applying four coats because it looks like two coats! I just love the added green shimmer in this polish, it's like BAM that forest is sparkling some mad vampires!

Finally, last and definitely my FAV of the three here, Dust & Shadows is a described as a dark purple polish with a sparkling holographic flame. It's so royal purple the Queen can eat my shit!! Blurple's/indigos are always difficult to capture (shit nail artists say much?) but this one actually photographed beautifully for some magical reason. This gawwwwgeous vivid purple holo was opaque in three thin coats.

On my accent nail I did a quick gradient of all three Powder Perfect polishes, then added a triangle with black acrylic paint, followed by a bit of glitter placement with holo gold hex loose glitter from Twinkled T! You can grab some of this epic glitter yourself from their shop and use my code SIMPLY for 10% off, YAAAY!

Overall I really loved these holos, their formula was silky smooth and the colours were very much my style (evil, dark and holo, duh!!) The purple was my absolute fav cause WOW that's one vivid holo flame. I definitely recommend this brand after having experienced these, and I plan to try on some more Powder Perfect in the future!

You can grab Powder Perfect polishes direct from their online shop if you're in Australia, otherwise check out their stockists page to see where you can get some locally. My fav online shop for US & Canadian customers Live Love Polish will be stocking them soon! Shhhh I'm not supposed to tell you till they launch, BUT WHATEVER YOLO

*This post was sponsored by Powder Perfect for my promotion and impartial review. Loose glitter was provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Australian polishes are the isshhhh! So amazing :) Dust & Shadows is def my fave too. GORGEOUS! Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. These polishes are the gorgeous!

  3. Your accent nail is perfection!