Wednesday 20 May 2015

Colourblind eye test dotticure

Time to test your eyesight... what shapes do you see? Nothing? Not seeing anything yet? Ya me neither, but whatever, here's some confusing dottier fishtail nails!

Last Friday for the weekly nail art challenge I co-host on Instagram I did up some bright & black neon fishtail nails as a second attempt because THIS (down below) was my first attempt, and I was like, k no, ew. In my video tutorial on YouTube I asked you guys if you cared to see a tutorial for this dotticure that looks like those colourblind tests, and many of you said yes??? Why?? JUST WHY??? In any case, here it is!!

Floss Gloss 'Lean'


Products used in video:

Floss Gloss 'Neon nacho'

I totally realize it's a hard-to-decipher-design, okayyyy. I didn't think it would turn out so confusing but maybe one day I'll try and intentionally do a design that looks like those colour blind tests, and not one that just resembled it by accident, teehee.

Color Club 'Wild cactus'

Floss Gloss 'Neon nacho'

Color Club 'Blue ming

Floss Gloss 'Neon nacho'

Dotting tools from Models Own nail kit

Polishes used:

*All polishes were provided by Live Love Polish for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Thanks for posting this ... apart from anything else, it was really helpful seeing how you tamed the tape! I have tried taping once or twice and ended up in a tape tangle so I will definitely try your bottle top / snipping technique next time!

  2. Wow thats awesome! :)
    Btw check out my blog post about beautiful holographic polish from Catrice :)

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