Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Clarins 230 - The history of the Unicorn Pee

The historial, highly coveted unicorn pee nail polish has FOUND ITS WAY TO MY NAILS. Wow. I am so honoured that such a supernatural creative would grace my hands with its urinary excrements. 

So you may have heard me mention in my nail polish collection video that I indeed have an original bottle of Clarins 230 aka "Unicorn Pee", but you wouldn't have seen it on my nails up until now. That's cause it took me a year to finally get around to doing this set of videos... woops. Don't blame me, blame the extinction of the unicorn.

In any case, enjoy photos of the legendary piss of the unicorn, an up-close-and-personal video feed of its magical and enchanting properties, and the officially unofficial history of this landmark nail polish!  

Clarins 230 nail polish, i.e., something you should never buy yourself unless you're a rich af asshole



Unicorn Pee is no longer sold in stores, and is currently only sold on the black market, i.e., eBay, Amazon, or hidden underground nail polish exchange markets.

Now let's check out some photo porn:

Look at that shift! What a gorgeous enchanting shimmer with a vibrant indigo at the outsides and a flashy green at a serious tilt.

This creature was extremely challenge to photograph on its own because the light kept bouncing off of it in ridiculous ways that wanted to blind my camera.

Here's 4 thin coats over a bare nail.

The shift is not as apparently on the nail as in the bottle, unfortunately, and doing 4 coats left my nails looking a little thick and the ends a little bald since the polish is so thin it wouldn't 'coat' the tips properly.

Kind of not such a big deal anymore, amirite?

Here's just one coat of pee over a black creme polish. BAHHH I'M DEAD. This is pretty much the best way to wear unicorn pee and bring out its magical properties. It's not even that hard to capture that intense shift all the way from vibrant magenta/red to neon green! Holy shit batman, I found robin!

Not a shift shot, but wanted to show clearly how small the little shimmers really are.

This is 2 coats of pee over Nails Inc. 'Baker Street', a cobalt blue creme. Wow, does she ever transform, that naughty unicorn misleading us with all her shifty elusive ways! The shimmer appears almost neon pink here, less of a shift going on (better evidenced in the up-close video), but what a beautiful combo!

Flawless, dahling!!

That's all I got for ya! Videos are worth millions more words than photos are, anyways.

It's true that many brands have tried to re-create the magical properties of the unicorn (see iparallaxe's blog post here for some examples), but as the legend goes, none have ever succeeded in truly replicating the unique and elusive ways of the unicorn. *girl with hand to her side emoji*

So, now I throw the question at you: Do you think unicorn pee is all it's hyped up to be? Would you sacrifice lattes for a few months and buy it yourself? Or would you rather just get it as a gift ;) ?


  1. Loved the history of Unicorn Pee. I always thought that it looks just like a color I have that I have been trying to find for years (it was discontinued at least 10 years ago) but I guess what I have - Liquid Euphoria Bliss - is probably the poor man's version of it (because I know I got it at the drug store). I love how it looked when you did it over the blue so I think I will have to see if the version I have will look as cool.

  2. This nail polish became a milestone in the story of nail polish!
    I think it's amazing, but definitely too expansive for me. So, while I am waiting to receive it as a gift (Santa, do you read me?) I wear its dupe, Fantasy Of Fire by Max Factor :-)

  3. One of these days I will brake down and buy the Unicorn Pee, but for now I just have to go with my many re creations I've collected over the years on my quest to obtain the magical Pee.

  4. One of these days I will brake down and buy the Unicorn Pee, but for now I just have to go with my many re creations I've collected over the years on my quest to obtain the magical Pee.

  5. I can't imagine spending the time or the money hunting down this polish with so many interesting and readily available indies out there. I choke a little on buying polishes in the $10-15 USD range.

    Running iparallaxe's blog post through Google translate produces this most amazing sentence, which I am either going to cross stitch on a sampler or have engraved on my tombstone: "I know you will say that I smoked the carpet and that Kiko does not pee Unicorn."

  6. Very expensive, but so worth it. I don't have that polish, and wish I did, but I do have some bottles of Liquid Euphoria (not Bliss), so I think those will keep me happy, for now.

  7. I would think that spending the money on Unicorn Pee dupes would be less economical them just splurging on the real Pee. I'm going to be walking to work and eating Ramen for the next month. In a mission!! I WILL have this magical rainbow potion!!

  8. I would think that spending the money on Unicorn Pee dupes would be less economical them just splurging on the real Pee. I'm going to be walking to work and eating Ramen for the next month. In a mission!! I WILL have this magical rainbow potion!!

  9. I had liquid euphoria when I was in high school. I got it at a Walmart for maybe 2 or 3 dollars. I didn't use it often and it dried out. I didn't know about nail polish thinners back then and tossed it. I regret it very much!

    1. I have a bottle of Liquid Euphoria NIRVANA on eBay right now, but only for two more days

  10. Maybe I'm just hopeful, but I still keep my eyes peeled when I go to Ross, Big Lots, and random flee markets. I know I will find an affordable stash of unicorn pee one day. I do have a bottle of Liquid Euphoria NIRVANA on eBay RIGHT NOW, for 2 more days ONLY

  11. Wow. I really had no idea about all this. I own 230 aka Unicorn Pee and just happened to come across it the other day and thought, "What the hell, let's see if it's not too old, goopy, etc." It's still good and is currently on my nails.

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