Thursday, 3 September 2015

Simple glitter placement for beginners

Another mid-week nail art post?! How much crack did I do since Monday?!

Here's some simple enough glitter placement nails I did to show how a simple glitter placement can be as bangin' as a full nail glitter placement one!

Loose glitter is from Twinkled T (who sells a bajillion different colours of glitters btw) - you can use my code SIMPLY at checkout for 10% off whatever you order, yay!


(see also 15sec version on Instagram)

Products used:
  • Twinkled T loose glitters in Silver Holo and Black Holo (midi size) - use my code SIMPLY for 10% off your order!
  • NCLA 'Iridescent Dream's (pink/lavender holo)
  • Revlon 'Clear' (clear nail polish)
  • Peel-off base coat (to take it off easily!)

Glitter from Twinkled T - use my code SIMPLY for 10% off your order!

*Polish was provided by NCLA for sponsorship on Instagram. Loose glitter was provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy


  1. Love the nails - anything with holo is awesome and it is nice to see a simple glitter design - since I know I don't have the patience for even one full nail. And Menchie is so cute - we love how she was wrinkling up her nose when she was cleaning her paw - adorable.

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