Sunday 18 October 2015

Galaxy nail art with holo and flakies

In a galaxy far, far away, there's so much holo and flakies than there's no wars or crime, because everyone is always happy. 

For this week's edition of the weekly nail art challenge (WNAC) I co-host on Instagram along with Kristin of Lacquerstyle and Tracey of MissBellaTracey, the theme is Holo and the prompt is Galaxy! Finally! Something I actually listen to and follow accordingly.


(see also 15sec version on Instagram)

Products used in this video:

I took so many pics cause so many flakie angles to capture!

Glossy or matte?

UNT Gel-effect top coat vs. Essie's Matte about you

Polishes used:

  • White acrylic paint
  • FUN Lacquer 'Magnificent (H)' (orange-rainbow flakies plus holo)
  • FUN Lacquer 'Mystical' (green-blue flakies)
  • A England 'Let me In' (raspberry holo) 
  • A England 'Cathy' (white-grey with blue shimmer)
  • A England 'Spirit of the Moors' (cobalt blue holo)
  • Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme, discontinued)

*Some products used in this nail art were provided for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. I like both versions! Can't choose one lol.

  2. Woh...So mesmerizing! *_* *_*

  3. I really, really, really hate the fact that you activated auto play on your videos. Once you've got several tabs open and hear music, you get creeped out and you gotta look through all the tabs to find out where it comes from. If ppl want to watch the video, I'm sure they know how to start it. Love you nail arts, HATE auto play.

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