Tuesday, 13 October 2015

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection


The new FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary collection is now available at my fav online polish store for all things holo!!! I've got some sexy swatches of this 8-piece collection for you to drool at:

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

Holo and flakies, let's do this!

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

I didn't have time to snap full mani pics of every polish because I was too busy making this porno video for FUN Lacquer ;) But I did at least snap some macro shots and a couple candid shots from shooting the porno. Sounds like a raunchy time, hmm?

Swatch conditions:

Here's FUN Lacquer Fairy Tale, a blurple holo glitter packed with translucent orange flakies in a clear base. BEAUT!

FUN Lacquer Fairy Tale, beside Exquisite, it's blurple holo glitter twin but with green translucent flakies.

A closer look at FUN Lacquer Exquisite, with green flakies, like a mermaid!

Here's FUN Lacquer Coral Reef, a rich turquoise green holo glitter (love this colour SO MUCH) with the same orange-hued flakies throughout. 

FUN Lacquer Coral Reef (orange flakies) beside Hidden Gems (green flakies). 

A closer look at FUN Lacquer Hidden Gems:

FUN Lacquer Mystical is a translucent green flakie (the same one in half of the above holo glitters), but by itself in a clear base to showcase its majestic properties! It shifts in the light from a vibrant green to a deep blue. I've put one coat over a black creme here.

FUN Lacquer Mystical beside its holo counterpart, Mystical (H):

Here's FUN Lacquer Mystical (H), the same green translucent flakies, but with added scattered holo throughout!

Last up, the orange-flakie twins! Here's FUN Lacquer Magnificent, a mix of orange and green flakies for a real glowing rainbow effect!

FUN Lacquer Magnificent vs. Magnificent (H)

Finally, FUN Lacquer Magnificent (H) is a mix of rainbow flakies plus rainbow holo woop woop rainbow overload!

Here's some random extra shots I snapped mid-porno:

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection

And that's that! Which flakies are your fav? Holo glitter ones? Sans holo glitter? You want them all? HAHA MEE TOO CRAPPP

You can find this FUN Lacquer 2nd Anniversary collection at Live Love Polish for quick shipping right out of the US! They also ship quickly to Canada for my fellow Canadians :) 

*Polishes were provided by FUN Lacquer for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. *_* *_*...wooowww...jaw dropped collection....Just staring staring and staring...What an outstanding swatches! <3

  2. Coral Reef is my favourite.

  3. I came here to see what the difference is between coral reef and hidden gem and now I'm hooked, I want them all!! They are soooooo prettttty! Thanks for reviewing these :D

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