Wednesday, 13 January 2016

$200 Nail polish?! Or not.

It's gone down in nail polish history as one of the most expensive nail polishes sold after it's retail discontinuation. Some have snagged it for under $100, some $200, and some, apparently, $700?!?! But why? I investigate.

Here's the 'replica' of the now discontinued Essie 'Starry Starry Night' - this one is part of their recently released Retro Revival collection. You can find it on Amazon (when it's in stock) or on eBay.



So now that you've watched the video, I'd think this nail polish isn't worth $200... whether that be the original or newly release version. Like, not even multi-chromatic colour shifting colours??? Not even any holo?? Just blue jelly with PLAIN SILVER glitters?? HONESTLY WHAT. WHY.

Sure, it's pretty. Though my new macro lens has a lot to do with that beautiful blue bokeh blur lol.


  1. Man. I bought this as soon as it came out even though I generally don't like Essie polishes because I love night sky polishes, and I thought I was getting something special. Now I feel like a chump. It's still pretty, but definitely does not live up to the hype.

  2. Found it for 8 dollars I think

  3. Hi Cristine, an entertaining video, as always! (Seriously, you could be on a national comedy TV show or something!) Back to the polish, and maybe this isn't the first time you've heard this, but I bought OPI "Give Me Space" at Christmas time and it was waaaayy better than this gloopy mess! Better color, better formula, better brush, AND holographic. (I enjoy your blog so much!)

  4. I don't really like essie it takes A MILLION of coats to get the proper colour. Then once i've done it looks like i've got bubble nails, one time I used a whole bottle nail polish remover, before I got a peel off base coat. Oml...But this nail polish isn't that bad but it feels like I could just pour a bottle of craft glitter from grade school with navy blue shitty polish. Lol xD Bye bye

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  6. I liked it, when i finally was able to get it on. It only took 5 or 6 attempts, but maybe I also forgot how to paint my nails. I did find a way to make it look amazing, it looks great with 3 coats of Clarins 230 on top! The best part was its amazing staying power, even with a basecoat it still stained the perimeter of my toes for a week!