Saturday, 2 January 2016

How to file and shape your nails

Cover your eyes, I'm naked. I'm also yellow - yes, I know - and if I had a dollar for every time someone told me my yellow nails are "gross" or "unhealthy" then I'd be one rich bitch. Please watch this video on what it actually means when you're a serial nail polisher and your nails are yellow (assuming you don't actually have related health problems that may cause yellow nails) if that was on the tip of your tongue.

Moving on to the topic of the day, how to file your nails! Watch the video below because if a picture says 1,000 words, then a video says, like, 1,000,000, according to my quick math.

I always use a glass nail file


Please see the YouTube video description for all links to articles mentioned, so much good information in there!

As for the key items discussed:
Hopefully this video helps you see how it's really quite simple to file and shape your nails, just decide before what shape you'd like, if it makes sense practically and aesthetically - for you! If your nails are shorter, and you're looking to grow them, check out this article I wrote. But even 'short' nails can be shaped rounded or square!

FUN Lacquer 'Happy Ending' periwinkle holo

My fav nail oil for long and strong nails!

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  1. Thank you for the infoo
    I heard of calcium base coats and polishes, are they effective?? love from Singapore!!

    1. I honestly put orange juice, garlic juice, and small minced garlic peices in my top coat and put one coat on my nails a day for a week and they grew a significant amount

  2. Hi. Ilysm christine. Thanks for this. I've been wanting to shape my nails squoval for a long time. Please please please join my "cult"! It would mean so much to me! Thanks!

  3. Do you use the large or small sized bliss kiss nail files? I'm thinking of getting one, and don't know whether it is worth the extra couple of dollars to get the larger size. Also, I saw you helped Ana with the Simply Neat mat coming out soon! ILYSM!

    1. I have the small one :) and thank you!

  4. I really like the shape of your nails. I used to do that shape too, but now I'm doing my nail in an almond shape.

  5. I love your channel so much and I talked about you a little bit in my blog( ) under holo not hello

  6. You should so do a yellow on yellow gradient inspired by all the comments about your yellow nails. Smart ass is my favorite just fyi.

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  10. Since I started doing this I haven't had any issues with peeling or breaks :) but I'm also torn about how often I should file them? Is it just as needed?? I'm growing them now

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