Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Oil spill / oil slick nails

I've always had the strange desire to have a toxic-looking oil spill on my nails... primarily because rainbows. So I finally located some foils to do just that! Check out the easy tutorial below!



Products used:

And of course I had to put holo on it >:)

That's all! Happy nailing!


  1. I watched the video on these the other day, they look great!
    I'm glad you're still blogging about your nails, even though you don't get as many comments as youtube, instagram etc. I like to have the option to read about these manicures and scroll through your pictures.

  2. Hey Cristine. I thought these were really cool. You know you asked on YT if people knew ways of preserving their foil mani's so they don't wrinkle and I actually have several. I'm not sure you saw my comment on YT, but I found 3 or 4 different waterbased basecoats and a varnish that will work. I even put a video up about it because I'd gotten questions about it after I did a foil mani a while back. But it really does work and you will get beautiful results! I'd love to see some more of your foil creations too because I love foils <3

  3. For New Years last year I tried a water marble with ILNP multi-chromes. Of course the marble patterning was a bit of a disaster. But the result looked kind of funky and oil slick-ish.
    If you want you can take a look here -


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