Sunday 27 March 2016

Unicorn window to your soul

What happens when you put unicorn skin over holo? MAGIC THAT'S WHAT.

I peeled off Charlie the Unicorn's skin (100% ethically and cruelty free harvested of course) and put it over holo and under a pastel gradient with extra unicorn dandruff on top. Yes, I know these don't fit that nicely over my nail, if you watch the video you'll see the struggle!



Please see the YouTube description box for products used!

Some more photos of the magic:

Here's a couple shots before I'd added the unicorn head and gradient! That shifty unicorn skin tho!!

*Some products were provided for my impartial review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Chuck Norris coined the phrase, "I could eat a Horse" after he ate every last unicorn in existence.

  2. Chuck Norris coined the phrase, "I could eat a Horse" after he ate every last unicorn in existence.

  3. Um can we hang and paint nails because I can't do that I tried

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