Saturday, 23 April 2016

My boyfriend watermarbled my nails

I let my boyfriend watermarble my nails. 



I've only made 6 videos about me failing at or cheating at watermarble... and my boyfriend challenged me saying it's not that hard. I am now thoroughly embarrassed.

 Don't mind my eczema on my Cindy hand :)


  1. Lol....he is so sweet and not that bad at marbling!


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  2. You're a fun couple. My husband would never do this and congrats for these marbles!

  3. Hi Cristine, what a totally adorable video, just like all of the others! Your nails turned out pretty nice, too. :D

  4. When I drop it into a cup each a separate falls to the bottom and it drowns

  5. Hi! I love ur channel best ever great nails Ben! SIMPLYBENLIGICAL

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  7. New fan of your art.. I use your tactics and skills to my advantage in bike painting. Got an idea for your you tube channel.. I have a 1989 Harley Davidson Sportster that needs some crazy holo.. eh? Come out to California sometime and have your way with my bike..


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