Saturday, 14 May 2016

CHEAT at Watermarble Part 5! (Legit easiest hack)

You've seen me cheat at watermarble once, twice, three times, and four times... and here's a fifth! This one involves literally stealing the watermarble design from the witch. I chose Galina from Yagala as my victim for this round (she enjoyed it) and the rest is watermarble cheat history!



Such an obvious answer to watermarble cheating, amirite?! The waterslide decal paper I used is this one I got off amazon. I kind of can't believed it worked so well and slid off the paper so easily! I'd seen some other videos and they were scratching off the paper. So whatever is in this special paper... it really works!

More photos:

Obviously I added a holo topcoat.


  1. This is the best nail cheat ever

  2. wow.. It is so lovely.. Best marble nail cheat I ever seen. Great work.. Loved it. It is very creative too... :) Keep up the good work.

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  3. I have a laser jet printer so i am going to try this with some laser jet mug decal paper...just ordered the paper but i will let you know if it works. LOL

    1. so it works...not sure what the point of using nail polish is since you actually use the decal paper...

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