Party Mix

What's on this page? Random fun stuff (but generally nail-related, or at least cat-related) that is outside the scope of the traditional mani post, but definately in-scope of being awesome.


Read the story behind the video here.

2. MEMES. And other funny things*. Made by me unless otherwise stated. Feel free to repost and share, but please give me credit, 'cause it ain't easy being funny.


*Disclaimer: I really don't mean to offend anyone, honest. I have no intention of shaming my followers (hence the scrambled user names), I actually LOVE you guys. Sometimes I love you even more because you're that funny. So smile if you find one of our interactions up here, and be all like, "Hey Mom, I'm a famous meme!". She'll be so proud.

3. MEMES and funny posters not by me, but still awesome. Source: Varying geniuses on the Internet.


4. THE BOYFRIEND TEST: What does my boyfriend think these nail tools are for? COMING SOON


  1. Can't wait for the boyfriend test! These memes are hilarious btw :D

    1. Haha thanks Carol! Gotta have fun somewhere :D

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    4. Did you ever post the boy friend test, Christine? (Apologize if i spelled that incorrectly)

    5. Yeah its spelled Cristine, without the "h" 😄

    6. Hey Cristine, You ever gonna make that video?

    7. Cristine, can you pleeeeeez make the boyfriend test?

    8. Yes please make it, would be hilarious to watch

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  2. If you havent already, what about adding a dip-in remover to your bf test? Today my bf thought it was meant to 'shine the polish' :)

  3. Love love love these memes!! I love your blog, you are so amazing and freaking hilarious!! I love you! (as a friend obviously lol ;) )

  4. Love love love these memes!! I love your blog, you are so amazing and freaking hilarious!! I love you! (as a friend obviously lol ;) )

  5. When are u going to do the boyfriend test???

  6. Still waiting for that boyfriend test tho

  7. Love these memes, Cristine!! Your kitties are so CUTE!! <3 (That awkward moment when you have to do some weird position with your fingers when typing something on a keyboard so you don't break a nail. LOL)

  8. Christine what are the polishes in your old intro? I want to buy them, I'll use your code simply too if I know what they are!:)

  9. Fan from youtube stalking you on ur web page *muah* love your stuff

  10. So I'm guessing he has figured out the nail tools! Lol XD

  11. Haha so funny!! That bloody nail was nasty though

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