Thursday 11 December 2014

Shit Nail Artists Say: A whole new meaning for 'nail collab'

How many times do you get strange looks from others (think significant other, relatives, friends, co-workers) when you comment on how beautiful the holo on your nails is? What about when you basically have a funeral for your broken nail? When you blab on about bestie twin nails and mani swaps? Or squishy jellies and almond shapes? People think we're weird. We accept it. But we also have to admit we are kind of ridiculous. 

This unique nail collab involves no actual nail painting *shocker* and puts our strange behaviours into context by showcasing 12 of your favourite active online nail artists making fun of the things we all say and do. It's Shit Nail Artists Say (aka SNAS), that's what it is!!

Read more below for the full story behind this production!

So, did I just pull this video out of my ass?

Well no, you see, a few months ago I spontaneously thought it would be awesome if I made a bunch of memes about what nail artists say, to exemplify our ridiculousness. I already do a lot of this (see my Party Mix page), but there was something missing from the memes. I needed a video! Having seen Shit Girls Say and Shit Bureaucrats Say, I thought I should probably jump on that bandwagon cause that's exactly the ridiculousness I had in mind. Yes those videos have a much higher production value than this one, but since I don't exactly have the luxury of flying around the world to film nail artists with my thousands of dollars worth of video equipment, camera crew, and software, let's just pretend I was going for the amateur feel. I used iMovie 10.0.5 to edit the clips together and Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create the posters, thumbnails, and credits.

A video of myself reciting a bunch of lines seemed kind of blah (and also kind of sad), so I went on a mission to recruit some of my fellow Instagram nail artists and the idea of a shit nail artists say video collab was born! I drafted some lines, sent them off to my co-conspirators, and some even threw in a couple lines of their own which helped round out the video.

In the end, these 11 lovely ladies joined me by filming and sending in clips of themselves (in order of appearance):
But who's who?

Products directly mentioned in the video:

Here's a collection of snippets of shit we say, glorified with borders of holo glitter cause what else! I used macro shots of both Painted Polish and Fun Lacquer holo glitters for the SNAS themed imagery. Feel free to post and share! Click to enlarge.

You can also watch the three SNAS teasers I put together for Instagram, here, here and here!

Now it's your turn! What other kinds of nail-related shit do YOU say?

Let us know! Hashtag shit you say to: #shitnailartistssay #SNAS on social media!


  1. This video is freaking amazing! Thank you so much ladies for lightening up my day!

  2. Hahaha, all of the cats and the MMMMM FLAKIES cracked me up. You guys are awesome <3

  3. Haha love it! Although I hope nobody says 'I hate her' about me, that would hurt a bit :(

  4. This made my day! I'm also loving the flakies and the cat ones. This are totally my life!

  5. Omg I still love watching this video and laugh so hard every single time! I just told another girl about it and she hadn't seen it. I obviously had to watch again LOL!!! Gianna at the end bahahhahahahaaa!!!