I don't always swatch nail polish... but when I do it's cause the polish is f%&*king amazing.

In other words, I mostly swatch specialty polishes, like those that have glitter, duochrome and/or holographic qualities. And when I do swatch, it's always with a twist!

For swatch inquiries, please contact me via email at:

I also make nail polish porno videos (aka nail polish commercials), customized to your visual satisfaction - Head on over the to the Nail Porn page for more info!

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FUN Lacquer x SIMPLYNAILOGICAL 2016 Collection
FUN Lacquer 2015 2nd Anniversary Collection
FUN Lacquer 2015 Summer Collection
Live Love Polish Powder Perfect exclusive collection
Powder Perfect - from the Hardwicke Collection
Mentality Jelly Chromes from Harlow & Co.
Enchanted Polish 2015 multi-chrome flakies
ILNP Spring 2015 collection
FUN Lacquer 2015 Love collection
Painted Polish - Femme Fatales multi-chrome flakie + holo
Glam Polish March 2015 White Witch collection
KB Shimmer - selected polishes from 2015 Spring
Starkly Mythology Flakies & Heavenly Holos collections
Glam Polish 'Fatal Attraction' trio exclusive to Hypnotic Polish
Painted Polish 2015 Platinum Flakies duo
Polished by KPT - Cosmic Xodus I collection
Painted Polish 2015 - Translucent Flakies
El Corazon Active-bio gel polishes
FUN Lacquer 2015 New Years Collection
Painted Polish Holo-days 2014 collection
Glam Polish 2015 Hairspray Collection
ILNP 2014 Ultra-Chrome Flakies Part 1
Beyond the Nail Christmas 2014 holo jellies
Painted Polish new 'under the holo influence' holo glitters
Glam Polish - From the Mid-Winter's 2014 Dream collection
F.U.N. Lacquer 2014 Christmas collection
Glam Polish - From the Broadway Collection
An assortment of Painted Polish holo glitters
Painted Polish 2014 Holo-ween Collection
F.U.N. Lacquer 1st Anniversary Collection
Cirque 2014 Fall Burlesque collection
ILNP 2014 Fall collection: Holo's and ultra-chromes galore!
Custom scattered holos by @missbellatracey
Beyond the Nail - Summer Galaxy Holos
Holo glitters by Painted Polish


  1. I am in love with every single one of these. Do you use these as top coats too?

  2. These are so amazing, i can't stop watching! Someone come and help me!! Oh, wait, i'm so lonely, noone's gonna do this... Well, i guess i will just stay here instead of going to bed. Thanks, Cristine!

  3. i'm sad because i can't find holo ;-; me please i need the holo!

    1. I bought both of mine at walmart. I had to look at each polish collection they had until I was able to find some. One was by Revlon and the other Salon Prefect. Of course, the selection does vary depending on stores, but hopefully this helps.

  4. Before I found your youtube channel I never knew there were so many beautiful and shiny nail polishes out there. I'll be going to the USA later this year and I will be there for a year maybe more so I am going to try as many nail polishes from Menchies favourites as I can while using a peel off base coat of course

  5. I have a question, do you need to remove your cuticles every week or is once a month an option??

    1. you can probably do it every three weeks or else just when your cuticles grow back out hoped it helped :3

  6. imma fite chu cristine. you got me in trbl. then again i was on this in school

  7. OMG I just saw this page and must stop everything and enjoy the holo.

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  9. I don’t think this is Christine her nails are never that short

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