Shit Nail Artists Say - free blank glitter templates!!

Thanks so much for following my new nail video and nail humour feature account on Instagram, @simplynotlogical :D

For doing so, enjoy some free glitter border template backgrounds to showcase your Shit Nail Artists Say ideas! Download the pics right to your phone or computer and use an app or computer editing software to overlay some text!

Don't forget to hashtag your post on social media with #shitnailartistssay, #SNAS, and if you're on Instagram, #simplynotlogical for a chance of me featuring YOU on my account!

I recommend using white text over these backgrounds:

Here's the original Shit Nail Artists Say (SNAS) video to get your funny juices flowing:

Read the story behind the video collab here.

Or, if you're lacking inspiration, just grab and repost one of these pre-made posts:

Have fun, and keep saying the shit we all say!