Friday 14 February 2014

A dark Valentine's day

Further to my simple Valentine's day themed simple gradient post, here's the real wrath of the V-day: a dark one! Inspired by many of the mani ladies doing 'anti-valentine's day' themed nail art (see a few roll-ups done here and here), I decided to take the previously plain jane gradient into the darkness by overlaying some black with intricate striping tape patterns. This mani is a skittle mani (i.e., each nail is different).

If V-day is good for anything, it's the CANDY. Excuse me while I go eat some chocolate now.

Andddd finally a delicious cookie pic (obviously):

Polishes used:
- Konad White
- A England 'Briar Rose' (pink)
- A England 'Rose Bower' (red)
- Essie 'Sole mate' (dark burgundy)
- Nails inc. 'Black taxi' (black)

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