Saturday 8 February 2014

Gradient Lotus Flower (archives again)

Because I've been hoarding my collection of nail art in the form of poor quality photos dated from the last 4-5 years, you're going to get some sub-par photographs of past nail art escapades. Here is another one, which for whatever reason I put in a folder called 'lotus flower', so let's pretend that name makes sense.

p.s. You'll see a lot of archived nail art from potentially years ago for a while in between more recent nail art posts in effort to put it all out there. I'm working on another valentine's-day-themed mani at the moment and it is a two phased (two day) approach! You'll see it up on the blog soon time.


Polishes used (like I remember, but this is my best effort):
- Essie 'Blanc'
- Sally Hansen 'Pronto Purple'
- Sally Hansen 'Dark Roses'
- Kiss skinny nail art polish 'Bikini Pink'
- L.A. Colors skinny nail art polish in white
- Jordana 'The Artist' (this one is pretty unique, bought it years ago and haven't come across anything like it since)


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