Tuesday 27 January 2015

FUN Lacquer multi-chrome trippy cyclones

So you could say that I had some FUN with my new FUN Lacquer polishes - the 2015 New Years collection! I swatched and review the four I used here plus their holo twins recently - see here for swatches! I recently got my hands on some new vinyls I'd been dying to try out - cyclone swirls from Twinkled T - and so the whole multi-chrome swirly cyclone mani thing just had to happen. Trippy!!


So this mani was *exceptionally* difficult to photograph because I used four different polishes, but each of the four polishes shifts to at least one entirely different colour, and so that means there's actually a minimum of 8 different colours to capture here. Pretty much impossible for a one-person team, and by that I mean I don't have a whole camera crew helping me out like those Russian nail bloggers do (I continue to believe this until proven otherwise).

The whole FUN Lacquer multi-chrome NY 2015 gang

Cyclone nail vinyls from TwinkledT.com

The nail art itself is pretty straight forward... but look at that multi-chrome... droool.

I realized that peeling up the cyclone vinyls around all the outer and inner 'edges' of the swirl first (I used a random metal cuticle tool) before pulling them up and off the sheet ensures that it doesn't snap back at you or get tangled. You need to be careful of how you take them off the sheet as it is easy to ruin it if you recklessly just peel it up. I learned by ruining the first one I pulled up, teehee.

And if you're wondering how I make my video tutorials, I recently released a video showing you exactly what I do! Check it out on YouTube.

Polishes used (all available from Live Love Polish, international shipping!):
- FUN Lacquer 'Burnin' up' (red to yellow multi-chrome - see swatches and review here)
- FUN Lacquer 'Reunion' (purple to teal multi-chrome)
- FUN Lacquer 'Celebrate' (yellow to magenta multi-chrome)
- FUN Lacquer 'Blessing' (pink to indigo multi-chrome)

*Nail vinyls were provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review. FUN Lacquer polishes were provided by FUN Lacquer for my impartial review.


  1. These are awesome. I just got my collection yesterday and wanted to figure out a way to combine the colors. Great idea! I won't steal yours, but it is inspiring. Lovely!

    1. Would u mind telling me where u got your polish and how much?

    2. Would u mind telling me where u got your polish and how much?

  2. LOL I love the comment about camera crews, no kidding!

    Thanks for the tutorial, and it really is a stunning mani all the way around!!

  3. It is kind of mesmerizing because of the colors and swirls...hypnotic :) Love the outcome!

  4. This is so crazy!! You should do gradients with them! A scaled gradient! Reciprocal scaled! OMG i lost my mind trying to imagine the look

  5. Ohhhhwww Myyyyy Gooowwwdddd!!!!! Totally loving this look...it's just fab fab n fab....I wish to have at least one of this bottles. <3 <3 <3

  6. This is super fun and totally trippy! Love it!

  7. It's beautiful!! I was on a no buy and you made me break it!! :)

  8. This is a fabulous way to use those polishes ... I love the spiral nail vinyl! Great video tutorial as well. :)

  9. This is super fun! ♥ Thanks for the video

  10. Beautiful nails with F.U.N polishes! I wonder if they were as impressive seen live as they are in closeup pictures?! Anyhow - great work!