Friday 16 January 2015

Bestie twin nails: Multi-coloured 'X' dotticure with The Nail Polish Challenge

It's that time again where we get together with another nail polish freak and act like 7 year old twins!! Let's paint our nails the same YAYYYYY. Say haaaayyy to Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge's nails! Now that I've come to terms with my recent nail death and subsequent nubs, and after a brief debate about who's nail beds were longer, Kelli and I decided lets do matchy match nub nails! We are both in love with Glam Polish's new Hairspray collection, so we used three of their new holos. These  shades will be available from Harlow & Co. for Canadian and American customers by the end of January!


I swear I really tried to re-create Kelli's iconic handpose buttttt my fingers just can't post that way idk.

Check out Kelli's blog post on this mani here on The Nail Polish Challenge!

Featuring Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge!
Moving along, some dotticure porn!

I'm holding 'Big, Blonde & Beautiful' from Glam Polish's new collection

Dotting tool
We made our manis matte as I was trying to honour the weekly nail art challenge I co-host on Instagram, but I like it glossy too!


Pretty straight forward I hope :)

I wipe off my dotting tool with water and a paper towel between colour changes. When the polish starts to dry on my palette (it's just a yogourt container lid), I simply add more. 

Remember that these gorgeous colours and many more from Glam Polish's new Hairspray Collection will be available soon for Canadian and USA shoppers from Harlow & Co.!

Polishes used:
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)
- Glam Polish 'Ladies Choice' (aqua holo with pink shimmer - see swatches and review here)
- Glam Polish 'Hey Mama' (pink holo)
- Glam Polish 'Big, Blonde & Beautiful' (yellow holo)
- Essie 'Matte about you' (matte finish top coat)

*Glam Polishes were provided by Glam Polish for my impartial review.


  1. Haha! Iconic! I absolutely love your version of this <3 and you're really killing it with those gorgeous nubs!

  2. Hi Christine, I love both of you ladies' nails! Can't decide who has the "better" nail beds, ha,ha. You're both beautiful. Thanks for this great inspiration.

  3. I usually like everything glossy, but I do like this in matte for the chalkboard effect...

  4. I love these! Such a gorgeous dotting pattern!