Tuesday 3 February 2015

Painted Polish translucent flakies... UM WOW

I've got three new Painted Polish babies for you... and they're actually NOT holo glitter?!?! UM WAT. They're flakies! And traditional flakies in the sense that they're translucent, so what we first understood as flakies back in 2011 or whenever the nail world was first introduced to this magical 8th wonder of the world. Essentially they are all glass-shard like pieces that illuminate through their transparency when the light hits them. These three are suspended in a clear base and as such are best used over a base colour. Black it is!!

*These are all limited edition and two are already out of stock* (sorry to tease you and then leave you...)

Painted Polish - Translucent flakies
Painted Polish - translucent flakies

How's about some more collages 'cause mmm I just love me some collages it's like a clusterfack of amazingness in ONE PHOTO.

Painted Polish - Translucent flakies

And now onto the meat of the stuffs...

Swatch conditions:

First up, blueeeeeeee!! This is Painted Polish Flake Your Booty, a rich royal blue translucent flakie in a clear base. Two vivid coats over a black base. Pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself. Basically makes me wanna put on a pair of way-too-small-booty-shorts and get up on stage and shake it. Well no, but if my ass looked as good as these nails then I totally would.

Painted Polish - Flake Your Booty

Painted Polish - Flake Your Booty

Click to enlarge!
Painted Polish - Flake Your BootyPainted Polish - Flake Your BootyPainted Polish - Flake Your Booty

Next up, rainbowwwssssss!! Say haaayyy to Painted Polish Flake It Off, which is a play-off of Taylor Swift's song 'Shake it off' (no way, right?!). In any case, this is one of those polishes that is so dripping in multi-colour goodness (this time in the form of rainbowy flakies) that it's the perfect polish to dump on your haters. Haters gon' hate but we gon' flake flake flake it off ALL OVER YO FACE. There, I just re-wrote the nail blogger version of your song, Taylor. You're welcome. 

Painted Polish - Flake It Off

Painted Polish - Flake It Off

Painted Polish - Flake It OffPainted Polish - Flake It OffPainted Polish - Flake It Off

Last up, my personal fav cause it SURPRISED THE HELL OUTTA ME WITH ITS COLOUR-SHIFTING AMAZINGNESS. I was fully expecting Painted Polish Flake Ya Tailfeather to be a straight-up vivid glowy-green flakie, but UMMM IT SHIFTS, GIRL. From green to royal blue. Like what we commonly refer to as multi-chrome aka ultra-chrome aka duo chrome, but this time it's not actually a chrome, so what the hell do we call it?! MIND IS BLOWN.

Painted Polish - Flake Ya Tailfeather

Painted Polish - Flake Ya Tailfeather

Painted Polish - Flake Ya TailfeatherPainted Polish - Flake Ya TailfeatherPainted Polish - Flake Ya Tailfeather

And obviously I had to mattify them so all the flakie dimensions can come out to play..... 'cause matte all the flakies, duh.

Painted Polish - Matte flakies
Glossy (Glisten & Glow's 'HK Girl' top coat) vs. Matte (Essie's 'Matte about you' top coat)

Cool large triangle nail vinyls from Vinyl Boutique!

Painted Polish flakies and deep-V nail vinyls

A quickie 15 second video tutorial is on Instagram for the accent nail!

Basically I made use of the large triangle nail vinyls and then sponged on a gradient of the three flakies in the inner-V. Sponging on the flakies also serves to maximize flakies and minimize lumpiness from the clear base, aka the same logic as the glitter payoff technique

Painted Polish flakie gradientPainted Polish matte flakie gradient

One of these limited edition flakies (Flake Your Booty) will be available (the other two already sold out, hate me for being slow, I know) along with other new releases at the restock TOMORROW i.e. February 4th, 2015, at 11AM PST / 2PM EST at the Painted Polish shop! Be there or go flake yourself.

*Flakie polishes and nail vinyls provided by Painted Polish for my impartial review.


  1. WOW these are absolutely stunning! I guess that's a few more polishes to add to my wishlist lol

  2. Ohhhh, that Flake It Off!!! And it's already sold out. *sniff*

  3. Your photos are just absolutely stunning. :)

  4. Wow, they're very beautiful.
    I love polishes like that, `cause you always get a flashy finish and it don't uses too much time.
    Your idea with the Triangle and the three polishes combined is adorable!
    I like especially your design with the "flake ya tailfether" on each nail.

    Btw, for "flake ya tailfether" there's a dupe from Nfu-Oh. It's No 40. "shiny opal" looks absolutely the same.
    This one is not limited, so there's always an option to get (:
    About two years ago, I showed this polish on my blog: http://www.just-insane.de/2013/05/shiny-opal.html
    The Review is unfortunately in german, but at least you can see the effect and that they're similar (:

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