Wednesday 22 April 2015

Enchanted flakies: Magical hidden wonders of the world

Ohhhh mahhh gawdddd more multi-chrome flakies, shocker!!! Well it is the year of the flakies after all so... it was to be expected that the elusive indie line Enchanted Polish release a flakie collection!! Inspired by I dunno, I'm going to guess enchantment, these six flakies with an added splash of fine holo are enough to save that annoying princess from the tower or whatever!! They are truly magical and their smaller flakie size and super fine holo sets them apart from some of other flakies out there. But don't make me choose a favourite - I NEED AND LOVE THEM ALL.

 Here's the six piece collection:

Flakie tower!
 Flakie nail porn right here mmhmmmm:

Swatch conditions:

First up, Pegasus! She's got a warm yellow-brown to olive green shift to her, so elegant and rich like the chocolate of rich people. Or so I imagine super rich people eat chocolate this colour that has magical colour-shifting properties and is also holo, obv. In any case, look at that fine linear holo!! See what I'm talking about!

Next we've got Unicorn! This one has a much stronger colour shift, ranging from a vibrant orange/pink/purple flakie mix all the way to olive greens and yellows on the flash. This flakie polish is more diverse in composition than Pegasus since she's got a couple different colours in there, aside from the shifty part! Again with beautiful linear holo throughout. UNICORNS DIED FOR THIS.

Fairy is the token purple flakie of the bunch. She's kind of a blurple (blue-purple) flakie that shifts to a magenta on the flash. I feel like the holo is stronger in this one, though maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me because the base colour is darker. Who knows, them fairies are sly mother flakers.

Rawr, it's a Dragon! Super strong shiftyness going on here!! Goes straight from a burnt copper/reddish flakie to a vibrant olive green. Gorgeous and just like dragons!! I think. Never seen one in real life but on Mario Party or Nintendo or whatever I always imagined the dragons as holo... not 8 bit.

What would an enchanted flakie collection be without a Mermaid? Not so much shifty-shifty in here, she's more a mixed-coloured flakie if you ask me. Look closely and you'll see hints of blue, green, teal, yellow, ahhhh I just drowned in a sea of flakies.

Last up, the token green to purple shifter, Siren! She's gotta be my fav of the bunch... no wait I really loved Dragon... but Unicorn too.. ARHHH WHATEVER I ALREADY HAVE THEM ALL SO MUHAHAH. What a gorgeous bright purple shift to a teal-ish emerald green.

Here's some more flakie collage porn cause why not:

Some look more holo to me than others... but some maybe not at all? Arg I can't even tell the difference anymore FLAKIES GOT MAH BRAIN.

Finally a close-up of my accent nail! This one was inspired by a tutorial I saw on Lucy's Stash - love the 3D box idea but in this case I was going for a stained-glass window feel. Flakies helped me do the trick! Watch the video tutorial over on my Instagram page.

I would say you can pick these up from Enchanted Polish but it appears every single one is sold out right now, lol woops. See, this is what I meant by elusive - they are super hard to find but if you do manage to track one down, you better grab it before it runs away to play with magical invisible unicorns in a castle far far away.

Overall this was a pretty sweet and flakie/holo-filled collection and you know me, I just love all that exuberant excess! I don't think any of these are a dupe for other flakies I have, but I guess I'll just have to do a true comparison one of these days don't I? ;)

*Polishes were provided to me by Enchanted Polish for my impartial review. Striping brush was provided to me by Winstonia Store for my impartial review.


  1. I think I just died and went to heaven! LOVE THESE!!

  2. Can't. Breath. Too. Much. Flakies!

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