Saturday 11 April 2015

I Love Nail Polish 2015 Spring Collection

Spring supposedly happened a while back but it's still under 0 degrees C where I am (Ottawa, Canada), so therefore I'M NOT LATE WITH THIS COLLECTION AT ALL. I bring you the new-ish I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Spring 2015 collection, ten stunning shades in all!

Well actually there's 12 shades in this collection but the missing two from here are two new additions to ILNP's staple multi-chrome mega-epic flakies! I'm saving them for some flakie spam later on (for past ILNP flakie spam, see this blog post).

UGH HOW LUXE IS THIS COLLECTION AMIRITE? It's so rich I felt like a pauper just handling them.

ILNP was far TOO generous to me this round, there were 27 polishes in my package! (10 seen here + 17 multi-chrome flakies) - WAT. With that said I just couldn't find the time to swatch every single one of them, and I would really hate to only swatch a few from this collection cause the colour palette - WOW. Can't cut anything out. NEED ALL THEM PRETTY COLOURS. So I just did macro swatches of all of them instead, and of course some brush porn.


Swatch conditions:

Let us begin with Mega (S), a reincarnation of the original Mega and Mega (L). I swatched Mega (L) back with the rest of ILNP's Fall 2014 collection, and I do agree with the rest of the nail polish world in that Mega (S) is more holo than the others, in other words, I think this basically just means it has more holographic spectraflair pigment. I think? What the hell is nail polish made of again? You mean not unicorn blood and rainbows?

This is three coats with no undies! BAM RAINBOWS IN YO FACE.

Flower Girl is a new delicate light rosy pink shade perfect for springtime. It's described as a refined and classy, soft vintage pink linear holographic with gold flakes. I can definitely see the gold flakes in this number, and I think that's sets this polish apart from all the other rosy pink holos in the land! It's pretty and pink and sparkly and rainbowy, what's not to love??

Not all that spring-y to me, here's Abundance (H), the holo twin to the original Abundance ultra-chrome from ILNP's Fall 2014 collection. ILNP often releases a holo version of their ultra-chromes, and I guess it was Abundance's time! She's a rich copper brown that shifts from a deepened red through to burnt orange to dark yellow and olive tones. With added scattered fine holo, of course!

Here's Peri Me, a delicate light blue linear holo with a hint of rainbow. I'm told if I look closely I'll see gold flakes and red micro-shimmer and... I think I see it! Do you? Extremely subtle, but it's there. This polish is definitely spring-y, and likely suitable for all the bridezillas out there getting married and wanting something blue or whatever *yawn*. In any case, it's not my fav of the bunch because it's subtle and not dramatic and we all know the best nails are badass nails.

Who's famous? You are! If you put this polish on! Fame is a completely new formula to ILNP (I think), it's fascinating and full of excitement I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. It's base colour is a lightened gold, almost a white-gold tone, with loads of different sized silver and gold flakes. On top of all that dimension it's soaked in linear holo pigment that blinds you to the true death if you weren't already dead by flakies. I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but this polish ain't no regular glitter.

Be quiet, there's ultra-chromes coming! Hush is the sex baby of ILNP's Sirene and Bifigierence. She's smack in the middle of the green-blue colour spectrum, glowing a vivid and rich teal colour. This polish shifts from a magenta-pink to warm purple, through to blue and then to teal. This is three thin coats with no undies! She reminds me of FUN Lacquer's Blessing (but Blessing leans more green), or Eternal Love (which leans more blue).

And Hush gets her own holo twin of course - Hush (H)! Same gorgeous magical shiftiness but with added scattered holo sparklies.

Timeless Vow is a refreshingly unique surprise in this collection! A lot of people think pastel pinks, purples and blah for spring, but this elegant sage green holo polish kicks all those girly colours in the ass. Loaded with golden flakes, this polish ain't for girls, it's for WOMEN! Who rule the world.

And you thought Black Orchid from ILNP's Fall 2014 collection was the richest magenta-purple-wine colour ever... NOPE. Open your mouths and drool for Poetry, ILNP's latest most vibrant polish possibly ever. This is definitely my new fave purple holo polish. LOOK AT IT I MEAN WTF HOW DO YOU EVEN GET LIQUID SO VIBRANT IDK??? It's much more pink-leaning than Black Orchid, and it appears to have tiny red/pinkish flecks in it, I think?? AHH HELP I'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY THIS COLOUR.

And last we've got Happily Ever After to make you feel all happy and mushy inside. SNAP OUT OF IT AND DANCE WITH THIS EPIC HOLO FLAKIE! She's a soft lavender linear holo loaded with silver (or maybe even lilac?) flakies! Ahhhh imma die this is the perfect combination of girly pretty with BADASS SPARKLIES and it might just be my new fav purple. Wait didn't I just say that about the last purple? Ah fack.

Enjoy the feast of ILNP's Spring 2015 collection! Put this as your Facebook cover page cause you love it so much!

Are you obsessing over the epicness of the colour scheme of this collection yet? Overall I love this collection, I definitely think it's way more unique and my style than their 2014 spring collection, but a lot of this is personal preference in colours of course. I have nothing bad to say about the formulas, I love them all (three coats each), and I was particularly surprised by the uniqueness of the two new super-flakie packed stunners, Fame and Happily Ever After. If you can only pick up a couple from this collection, you MUST get one of these two, or else we can't be friends.

You can find your faves from this collection (or hey, get them all) from ILNP directly (ships internationally out of the US). Who can't wait to see what they have in store for summer?? MEEEEE.

*Polishes were provided by ILNP for my impartial review.


  1. Goodness me ... trying to recover here from all that holo gorgeousness! This is a stunning collection; I love them all but if I have to choose ... hmmm ... Flower Girl, Peri-Me (I have a weakness for periwinkle blues) and Happily Ever After. Oh ... and Poetry - got to have that! Love your photos btw. :)

  2. My head is spinning .... such glory!

  3. Delicious photos of the whole collection!

    I do have Poetry, Timeless Vow and Happily Ever After in mys stash (but for some reason haven't had the change to use them on the nail yet), but your pictures were a good reminder of that why I actually bought them in the first place. My picks are actually great, now that I start thinking about it, should try them soon. ;)

  4. I... Why have I not read your blog yet? Besides having a ahhh-maaaa-zingggg swatches, you're hilarious, and also I think I love you. 😐


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