Monday 16 May 2016

My very own holo glitter collaboration collection!!! WHAT

HOLO MY FRIENDS. Today is a day where I will actually write things in my blog. Wow. Amazing.


Okay I said write, and I should have specified in English.

I am so excited to let you guys know that I partnered with FUN Lacquer to bring you my brand new collaboration collection: A six-piece holographic glitter collection (with custom holo boxes to boot) launching MAY 21ST at 11AM EST! The collection will be available directly from FUN Lacquer, as well as my main go-to stockist for amazing indies. A sexy porno video of this collection is now up on my YouTube channel ;)

Pictures, yes?! This post is PIC HEAVY! Wow I forgot what it was like to be an annoying blogger *insert matter-of-fact-girl-emoji here*


Okay so let's break it down: 6 polishes, 3 colours, 2 finishes.

Keeping with FUN Lacquer's traditional style of jam-packed super pigmented holographic glitters, there's an original version of each of the three colours with 100% pure holographic glitters, and an 'extra holo', dubbed '(H)' at the end of the colour name version. The '(H)' polishes have added linear holographic pigments. These create a whole new depth and look to the polish by adding more traditional holographic rainbow flares. This also lightens/brightens the appearance of the colour of the holographic glitters. In my opinion, the (H) or the non-(H) version is not better than the other, it's really up to personal preference. Sometimes I want a holographic flare line, so I'll go for the (H), and other times I want a pure holographic glitter in a bright, saturated shade. It all depends on your mood! But all moods in this collection are holosexual.

This collection is NOT limited edition (YAY!) Which means, as long as FUN Lacquer's glitter supplier doesn't run out of glitter (they shall not or we shall hunt them down), the shades will always be available when batches are ready. BUT, there is no saying how fast this collection will sell out either at FUN's online shop or at the stockists, so if you're planning on getting it, better jump on it after release! 

There will also be some special discount offers and codes running on release day MAY 21st (stay tuned and follow me on all my social medias, I'll update you!)

Instagram: @simplynailogical
Twitter: @nailogical
Snapchat: simplynailogica (yes no "L")

Left side: Original/classic shades, 100% holographic glitter in a clear base
Right side: (H) version of each shades, 100% holographic glitter with added linear holographic pigments in a clear base

Brush porn for you now, couldn't keep you waiting until the end of the post, that would be such a tease.

Some bottle shots, yes?

I'm sorry but not really that I took so many shots of these boxes...

Swatch time! It's been so long since I swatched I think I forgot... tee hee. For me swatching is so time consuming when you're worried about having the same poses yada yada.... or more like I'd rather just make dumb videos on YouTube :)

Swatch conditions:

First up, Holo Queen! Named after me! Lmao no. Yuin, the creator of FUN Lacquer actually suggested the name for this one. I wanted a bright, vivid magenta-purple (love the cross-colour between pink and purple!) and this one shines all sorts of rainbows under the right lighting. This is pretty AF and has flashes of reds and golds on the holo flare! Pretty much anyone who wears this polish is a Holo Queen.

Up next, Holo Queen (H) - this is the version with added linear holographic pigments. What is ends up doing is transforming the appearance of the colour on the nail by giving it a lighter, more silver, and more linear holographic look!

This is the blue of your ocean dreams! Inspired by my amazing vocal stylings at some point in the beginning of this galaxy nails video, How Deep Is Your Holo? is THE most saturated, brightest cobalt/royal blue holographic glitter I have personally ever seen in a nail polish. Most royal blue glitter polishes are made in bright blue jellies, meaning the pigment in the jelly base helps make the glitters more blue. Personally I don't like that so much, I prefer 100% pigmented glitters in a clear base, so you really get the purest of all holographic glitters and can see all the holos of the rainbow without being clouded or darkened by tinted jelly. That's exactly what this is and AH IT'S SO DEEP, IT'S LIKE THE OCEAN! (ba-dum-tss)

Next up, How Deep Is Your Holo (H)? With the added holo pigments this one definitely takes on a lighter blue tone and actually makes my skin seem kind of tanned...??? Weird. My camera always finds it hardest to focus on double the holo, I literally don't think it can handle it.

The last shade of my collection is Black Holo Witch, named after my eternal search for a truly 100% black holographic glitter. I have found her, and I shall burn all the evidence leading to her place of discovery. I spoke about never being able to find a real black holo glitter in a nail polish in my Are You Holosexual? video. Black holo glitter is often confused with silver holo glitter in a black jelly base (comparison in a few pics!). Indie makers will often do the latter because silver holo glitter is easy to source and black jelly is easy to make. BUT it is not the same as actually black holographic glitters! When you put this on your nails you instantly become a badass bitch:

Drown yourself in 100% black holographic glitters in a clear base. Jk, don't drown yourself, drown the witch. Or burn the witch, your choice.

Extra porn shots for that will slay your life:

Here's a comparison between Black Holo Witch (black holo glitters, clear base) and KB Shimmer's new Night Bright (silver holo glitters, black base). A couple other polishes similar in composition to the one on the right that come to mind include Starrily's Neutrino and Painted Polish's Black Widow Baby. Obviously there is nothing 'bad' about silver holo glitters in a black base, in fact they also look bomb AF. I am showing an example here because on the comments of my YouTube video where I first mentioned I hadn't found a black holo glitter polish, a bunch of fellow holosexuals linked me to polishes like one on the right. So I gather I needed to explain better with photos :)

And finally, we've got the added-holo counterpart, Black Holo Witch (H)! This double-holo version takes on a lighter, more silver look, but it's just it slays all the witches just the same.

Who is gonna buy my collection just for the boxes... don't lie, I see you, lurking holosexual.

Here's some shots from my YouTube porno (live action on my channel!)

FUN LACQUER x SIMPLYNAILOGICAL collection launches on May 21st at 11AM EST!

The collection will be available direct from FUN Lacquer, or from select stockists including my go-to shop for international shipping. Both shops will be offering exclusive discounts on launch day, so stay tuned! I will update on all my social medias :)

I can't be happier with how this collection turned out, it is so colourful, yet so dark and edgy, so vibrant and full of holo, and so badass!! I've kidnapped a Russian nail artiststolen a watermarble from a witch, and now I have my own Black Holo Witch. I can now die happy.



  2. I really cant tell the difference with the black ones.

  3. So much drool, sooooooo much moist! You have no idea how many bottles of holo I've purchased since becoming a Simply Nailogical fan.....and of course I will HAVE to have these.... I'm powerless over holo and my addiction has become unmanageable....well, I manage it quite well, just running out of SPACE! And money....who needs food, right? Hmmm, will you be having a contest? Oooh, there were some real jerks last time who didn't win....probably need some distance, eh? ��

    1. Omg yes, this is exactly what happened with me! Cristine is creating holosexuals and we are loving every minute of it!

    2. Omg yes, this is exactly what happened with me! Cristine is creating holosexuals and we are loving every minute of it!

  4. Cristine you are #simplyamazing!
    Your collection is awesome, so CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve this because you put so much effort in the things you do for your followers and viewers and I suppose it's not so easy. I'm gonna buy all these shades because you made me realize I'm a HOLOSEXUAL and I need these polishes in my life.

  5. Im one of those rare people who still love to read and write blogs. So thank you for posting this and congrats on the new polishes. Youve worked hard and have earned every accolade you get.


  7. OMG SO EXCITED😍😍😍 I'm hoping to buy Black Holo Witch (H) as soon as it comes out! They're definitely going to sell out immediately though so I'll set an alarm😂💕 Sending you love from California😺😻

  8. Ohhhh look at the holo �� Cristine I wanna take your nail polish's virginity �� I wanna marry it may I marry it Cristine? The designer did an incredible job there tbh. Now I'm soo excited for the nail porno!

  9. My only question...
    How much does the collection cost?

  10. My life is complete <3 HOLO, Unicorn sister!

  11. You just made my month! After a month long worst move ever in the history of humanity, this has really brightened my day....month!

  12. Two words..."SIMPLY" Beautiful!

  13. Wow...Congratulation! It's an outstanding collection! Wish to own this collection someday! ^_^

  14. SO EXCITED! I need them all in my life! You did such a great job on these omg :D

  15. I know you said there's going to be deals and stuff, but how much are they going to be?(in CAD) I want to buy all three the colours, the black and pink in non-(h), and then the blue in (h). So excited Christine!!!!

  16. I fought it for so long, refusing to buy or use glitter nail polish. I felt that, because I'm getting older, it was too young a look for me. Then, here you come Christine - a full fire, snarky, sarcastic, hilarious guns a blazin' holosexual... You got me hooked on your videos (damn you!), and I found myself trying out new holos, new looks, new techniques, AND addicted to a certain hydrating cuticle oil (insert smirk here)! So, of course, I signed up for your main go-to website for amazing indies and started receiving emails on new products and such. Thanks to you, not only did I have to proudly out myself as a holosexual, I HAD TO order the whole collection within a couple of hours of receiving the launch email! Kudos to you - do you see what you have done to me?! ;)

  17. These are insanely gorgeous - beautiful collection! <3

  18. I might have bought all of them...well worth eating dry bread with peanut butter for the rest of the month ;)

  19. I love your holos. I have wanted them since before they came out because I stalk your YouTube account and Instagram. Lol but I can't afford them. One day I will have that beautiful holo on my nails. Keep up the fantastic videos. I love them and you for making them. Say hi to menchie for me.

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  21. I'm loving the blue Holo

  22. It's looking like party! I've seen some ideas at and want to make a bright glitter design.

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