Thursday 13 February 2014

Holla at ma pink holo guuurl

Here's a simple holo + striping tape design I did back in the summer. It's so cold here in Canada I WISH THERE WAS STILL SUN LIKE THIS. Unfourtunately the climate here basically means all holo polish will look subpar and not show its true beautiful multi-coloured particles until the sun decides to show its face.... which basically means May. If we're lucky.

In the spirit of the evil winter paired with v-day tomorrow, here's a colourful sunny pink holo!

Outdoor, shade:

Polishes used:
- Color club 'Miss Bliss'
- Nails inc. 'Black taxi' - this is clearly my favourite black to use, hence the tooth-marked cap (woops let's pretend it doesn't look like I was hungry enough to eat nail polish)... it's super opaque in one coat and naturally very glossy.

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