Monday, 17 February 2014

Work appropriate mani Monday: Neutral ombre

Have you ever done a mani that was SO obnoxious it was drop dead gorgeous? Yeah me too, except others at the office are all like errr... NOT SO MUCH. It's a sad sad time in our careers when we have to tone down the crazy on our nails so as to not offend co-workers/superiors, or at least in effort to maintain some illusion of sanity. Deep down you're all obsessed with colour, contrast and SPARKLIES, but that is precisely what nail art blogs are for - so we can get it all out on the internets and not embarass ourselves at the office (woops).

For this reason I'll start a weekly tradition (*cough* let's see how long this lasts) of posting a work appropriate mani every Monday. This idea isn't new - after a quick search I found that SpecialGirl Nails and A Little Polish have posting some neutral, simple and beautiful manis meant for the office (sometimes on Mondays, go figure).

This week we have a simple taupe neutral mani...

...until I made it not so simple - stay tuned for what I ended up overlaying it with next week MU HA HA (this is the part where the sanity drops off because we can never leave our simple base coats alone, can we?)

What do you ladies think, would you wear this to a semi-sophisticated-business-casual-dress office?

Polishes used:
- Revlon 'Smoky canvas' (light greyish taupe)
- Essie 'Glamour purse' (medium taupe)
- Essie 'Devil's advocate' (dark brownish purple?)

No topcoat at all in these photos (you'll see why next week :)

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