Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nails inc. leather effect polish

Let's pretend this post went up exactly a year ago. In late 2012 Nails inc. released a line of 'leather effect' polishes - and although I'm late to the party - better late than never.

Nails inc. leather polishes are suprisingly available at Shoppers Drug Mart (if you're a Canadian, eh) of all places! Well, not all the colours, I believe there is also a baby blue leather colour that I have yet to see at a Shoppers.

Anyway here's the red leather effect polish from Nails inc.! Photos were taken in September of 2013.

Polishes used:
- Kiss skinny striper glitter polish in gold
- Nails inc. 'Black taxi'
- Nails inc. Leather effect 'Shore ditch lane' (red)
- Hard candy 'Crush on lava' (not pictured) - and not really necessary to display either since I only even sponged on a tiny bit on the tips and you can barely tell. It's one of those times where I should have quit before I got ahead of myself :)


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