Saturday 2 August 2014

Simple summer tribal with freehanded detail

Today's mani was painted yesterday (wow, this never happens) as opposed to months ago because I decided last minute I wanted to throw an entry into Margaret aka @m_a_tom on Instagram's mani competition she's hosting for reaching 10k followers. Congrats, Margaret! The contest was to create a mani inspired by one of Margaret's nail arts, and as you may recall, I have previously recreated some of Margaret's work and she has similarily re-created mine, so this one is a completely new one for me!


First things first, here's Margaret's original mani, done back in May. She used a stamp for the black outline and painted in the colours using a reverse stamping technique.

Margaret's original mani - Source: @m_a_tom

I, however, don't have such a stamp and have never tried reverse stamping so I went back to basics and drew it myself! Well, most of it. I started off using single chevron nail vinyls and nail vinyl straights to position my turquoise stripes, and then freehanded the pink, grey and black from there. As such this mani was a challenge for me because freehanding nail art isn't really my forte. There is no gradient in this mani either, wth?!? I decided that because this competition is in essence supposed to be a challenge, I picked something that was difficult for me to do, and coincidentally, it looks like no one else so far has chosen to replicate/be inspired by this particular mani :)

I stayed true to Margaret's original use of China Glaze's 'Too Yacht to Handle' turquoise polish (how could I not, it's beautiful), but changed up the pink and grey sections to two of ILNP's gorgeous holos. I'd used their pink and grey holo polishes together in this mani, and I just loved how they worked together. The holo adds a bit of sparkle for the summer! I also changed up Margaret's original design by taking the pattern she came up with for her pinky nail (not stamped) and used it on two of my nails. I really like it!

Cult Nails' 'Tempest', which I just got the other day from It's so creamy and perfect, a one-coater white creme if you do a thick coat!!

I know my black lines aren't perfect, but give me a break!! I rarely do such detailed/small lines (where's the gradient in that??) and I actually don't even own a striper brush. I know. What the?! What kind of nail artist am I?! Don't worry, one is on its way to me now from Born Pretty Store :D

 The whole gang. Minus the black acrylic paint. He's not pretty enough to play.

The brush I used to do the black detailing: Pure Color 10 nail art brush from Stylish Nail Art Shop.


Polishes used:
- Cult Nails 'Tempest' (white creme)
- China Glaze 'Too Yacht to Handle' (turquoise creme)
- ILNP 'Bikini bottoms' (bright pink holo)
- ILNP 'AC Slater' (grey holo)
- Black acrylic paint from local craft store

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