Thursday 14 August 2014

BTT Drunk kitty construction: Do not let wasted kitties pass

Today's mani is 1.5 months in the making... not because I actually spent 1,056 hours doing it, but because I leave far too manis hanging out in my 'to edit' folder and hence I am the worst person ever to do a #bestietwinnails with. Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram puts up with my slow-pokeness as she is a true Saint and so here we finally are today with our meticulously planned out drunk kitty construction manis!

See the original post on Instagram
There is no tutorial for today's mani because I literally did and redid the nail I was filming at least three times as Tracey and I were up late one evening kicking eachother (er, Kik) re-strategizing our plan of attack, layer orderings, and other important matters. I gave up on filming because I kept changing my mind anyways so had I made a video it would have made absolutely no sense.

Why drunk kitty construction, or drunk kittens crossing you ask?! Cause we insane! I can't remember how this idea came about, we were pretty much inspired by absolutely nothing except our wild and often inappropriate imaginations. My kitty is so drunk it looks like a lion/rat hybrid. Construction vest yellow and orange with silver holo really make this colour scheme a winner though, amirite?!

Macro even though my kitty does not look like a kitty at ALL. Lion/rat hybrid, yep.

These next two pics were taken in my light studio instead of direct sunlight (as with all pics prior):

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 'Orange knockout' (neon orange crelly)
- China Glaze 'Yellow polka dot bikini' (neon yellow crelly)
- Painted Polish 'Drunk on holo' (silver holo glitter - see swatches here)
- Black acrylic paint for detailing (not pictured)

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