Thursday 28 August 2014

Pretend vacay: Greek waters with saran wrap and water decals

Opa!! I am not Greek and I have never been to Greece butttt.... I would totally go if someone would buy me a plane ticket and pay for some sweet accomodations on the ocean with a private balcony and infiniti pool... any takers? Anyone?

In any case I got these awesome gold angled swirl water decals from Born Pretty Store and I immediately knew I must do a Greece-inspired mani. I used the saran-wrap technique to sponge on spots of polish for the muddy looking waters thing going on on the majority of the nail. The tips were topped off with the one and only 'Buzzed on blue' by Painted Polish by Lexi, which I have swatched here cause it is so awesome.


It had been a while since I did a mani using the saran wrap technique, so it was fun to revisit and definitely marks one of the easiest manis to do! No steady hands required. Having fun while you do this is a requirement though. I didn't invent the saran wrap technique, but it has been used by so many nail artists out there that tracing its use back to its origin would be as exhausting as rewriting my 286 page thesis. NO THANK YOU :D

How perfectly clean-cut are these decals?! You can get them for cheap online from Born Pretty Store (item #C038) and don't forget to use my code (SIMX31) to get 10% off your order.


The video alone should be self explanatory :) If you have any questions, please comment below!

Polishes used:
- Essie 'Aruba blue' (royal blue shimmer)
- Painted Polish 'Buzzed on blue' (blue holo glitters in blue jelly - reviewed and swatched here)
- Nails Inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (baby blue creme)
- Pure Ice 'Superstar' (white creme)

*Disclosure: Water decals provided by Born Pretty Store for review.


  1. I am a big Greece culture fan, and I traveled trough many towns an places there, so I was just going wild when I saw this nail art. It is beyond perfect! I have to get these beautiful decals too!

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