Monday 8 September 2014

Mani swap: Freehand dandelion silhouettes and a reincarnation of the very first scaled gradient

Mani swap time! The lovely Maria of Konad Nails asked me to do this with her. Maria is known for her stamping creations and while I don't have many stamping plates (never mind stamping abilities),  her stamped dandelion mani struck my fancy and so I freehanded my recreation. Maria dove deep and recreated the very first scaled gradient I ever did! A challenge well executed.

Also of note: Look at how different my nail length/condition is just 4 months later!! What the?! Magic? Sorcery? No, just proper nail care - Check out what I've done and continue to do on my Nail Care page :)


Okay first of all, yes, I am aware that on my pointer finger nail it pretty much looks like a Simpson's character is either inhaling or exhaling that dandelion air, I can't be sure. Let's be honest, I am by no stretch of the imagination a realist painter. I cannot paint a face if my life depended on it. I think I'll stick to abstract mani's and geometric faces from now on :p

I know that Maria's original dandelion silhouettes in the sky mani was a paler blue creme, but I just couldn't help myself from layering on one of my favourite holo toppers, a blue neon holo jelly from Beyond the Nail which I've swatched here. Just one coat over the base sky for that extra holo glow!

That bulgy eyeball, what is this?! Clearly Marge Simpson cracked out.


For the clouds, I sponged on white acrylic paint with a sea foam sponge which you can pick up with your local craft store. I've used this sea foam sponging technique to create more elaborate cloudy and otherwise irregular sponged manis.

Polishes used:
- Nails Inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (light blue creme)
- Beyond the Nail 'Asteroid' (neon blue jelly holo swatched here)
- Black and white acrylic paints


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