Monday 22 September 2014

Neon orange starburst scaled gradient

Ever been to the edge of the sun? It might look like this: Ohhh maa gawddd ow ow ow that's some hot hot neon. A hot neon orange starburst scaled gradient indeed cause summer ain't never ending!! I also had a little ad hoc fun with this mani, check out the pics at the bottom of this post!


Neon summer collab time! Cause Nails Like Lace and Peace Love and Polish wanted us nailies to hold onto summer with neon nails cause we are all in denial that winter is on its way. Check out all the manis on this collab using the #summerneoncollab2014 hashtag on Instagram.

Can ya spot mine? This is the truest-to-colour I could possibly get these goddamn neons. However, my skin looks like a sexy tanned mother f'ing beast, which is very clearly not nearing reality, but I'm okay with it.

I used starburst nail vinyls from to create the scaled gradient look.

Starburst nail vinyls from

Oh look, what do we have here?! Some randomness!!! I just freehanded the gradient divider line with some black acrylic paint and my Pure Color 10 detailer brush from Stylish Nail Art Shop on Etsy.

Gah, more randomness?! I topped it off with one thin coat of 'Solar Flare', a neon holo jelly from Beyond the Nail's summer galaxy collection (reviewed and swatched here). Why? I dunno. Must be the holo. I'm an addict.

(see also 15sec tutorial on Instagram)

Please check out the bottom of Gradient Guide page for tips on how to achieve the scaled gradient look.

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 'Sun worshipper' (orange-yellow neon creme)
- Quo by Orly 'Heatwave' (neon orange crelly with golden shimmers)
- Orly 'Hot shot' (neon red-pink neon crelly)
- Beyond the Nail 'Solar flare' (neon orange holo jelly - reviewed and swatched here)
- Black acrylic paint from my local craft store


  1. That is one mani of awesomeness! I'm not ready to put my neon / summer polishes in the back of the closet either. I figure we're going to have months and months of dark (to me, dreary) winter nails so why not extend the bright. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

  2. OMG!!! Searching my Goggles...Mindddd....BLowING!!!!

  3. I am not a big fan of neon polishes, but this design is more than cool! I can not take my eyes of it and not just because the striking color, it is totally mesmerizing!

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